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Official Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone Case With S Pen – Complete Review

December 6, 2023

When shopping for a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra silicone case with S Pen for your new phone, it’s rare to find the option to add extra functionality to your smartphone experience, but that’s the case (sorry) with the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Samsung’s silicone case with S Pen. Similar in construction to the normal silicone cover for the Galaxy S21, the cover for the Ultra includes an S Pen and an attached storage compartment on the left side of the cover.

It works pretty well for the most part, but that’s not to say there isn’t a cloud on the horizon for the $ 70 accessory that you just can’t ignore.

S21 Ultra Silicone Case With S Pen Design

  • Precision camera cutouts
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Functional design

Generally speaking, a silicone case is a silicone case in the sense that it usually doesn’t do much more than protecting the phone it’s wrapped in. Not so with the silicone sleeve with S Pen that has a storage compartment for the stylus that comes with it. As it is an original Samsung case, the S21 Ultra silicone case with S Pen is expected to be a high-quality product, plus two small areas that we will discuss later.

The S21 Ultra silicone case with S Pen is made of high-quality, smudge, and fingerprint-resistant silicone that fits the Galaxy S21 Ultra perfectly and feels good.

With a slim profile, the case doesn’t add much bulk to the already large phone, although the addition of the S Pen slot increases the width by about 9mm. It doesn’t sound like much, but you will definitely notice the difference when you start using the Samsung S21 Ultra silicone case with S Pen.

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The storage compartment for the S Pen on the left holds the pen securely, yet can be removed easily, which is a difficult feat. It’s a sturdy grip that feels like it can be held for a long time without the effort of removing and replacing the S Pen. The volume and power buttons are covered by the case, but they click and respond, something you generally don’t experience with cheap silicone cases. There is also an edge that runs along the edge of the screen to protect it from falling upside down.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the areas around the charging port and volume buttons. The silicone around those two areas feels thin and can break after use. After two weeks of using the S21 Ultra silicone case with S Pen as the only cover used with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, I have become increasingly aware of the backlash in the material around the USB-C port and feel like it is a matter of a few weeks until the first signs of cracks appear.

There is already a user review on Samsung.com reporting that the area around the side buttons is broken so this is something to keep in mind when considering the case.

The actual S Pen is quite comfortable to hold, with a pinch of over 10cm long, and feels sturdy. You get the usual shortcuts if you hold the S Pen above the screen and press the button on the side. If you’re looking for features like the Bluetooth shutter function or Air Gestures, you should wait for Samsung to release the S Pen Pro later this year. The S Pen that comes with the silicone cover may be basic compared to the one on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but it’s fast and responsive.

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When it comes to competition, the only real alternative is the $ 90 Samsung Flip Case with S Pen or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Otherwise, it’s the silicone cover with the S Pen or the bust, which doesn’t matter if you don’t really want or need the stylus.

At $ 70, the S21 Ultra silicone case with S Pen isn’t exactly what you’d call cheap and it’s not perfect either, but you don’t have too many options if you want to take advantage of the S Pen support on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and want not the extra weight of the S-View sleeve with S-Pen.

As Jared said in his review of the silicone cover for the regular Galaxy S21, if you can find the silicone cover with S Pen on sale, it’s a decent buy. To me, the flaws around the controls and the USB-C port make it unworthy to pay full price for it. Hopefully, we’ll see some third-party case makers look for viable alternatives. You can check our article on the best Samsung S21 Ultra waterproof cases you can buy.

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