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Best 7 Samsung S21 Ultra Waterproof Cases You Can use To Protect Your Phone

December 6, 2023

The best Samsung s21 ultra waterproof case should protect your precious phone from water to a reasonable depth while allowing you to perform important functions underwater. The best waterproof cases should also be tough enough to protect the Galaxy S21 Ultra from bumps and scratches. If you’re planning to visit the Florida Keys over the weekend, we’ve got a list of waterproof cases that will assure and ensure your S21 Ultra Ultra is protected.

Many people like to film their underwater adventures while snorkeling or even diving. Other activities where a waterproof camera bag can be a big advantage include boating, kayaking, and fishing; where your phone can fall in water or get drenched regularly with the S21 Ultra. Does scratching your phone bore you? Water can make your Samsung phone slippery, so that extra layer of protection and a grippy surface can provide a good cover is important to protect the large 6.8-inch screen and prevent scratches from drops from ruining our day.

Without further hesitation, let’s take a look at the list of “The Best Waterproof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra” to help you choose the best option for your lifestyle or requirements.

1. Nineasy With Built-In Screen Protector – Strong Shock Resistant – Samsung S21 Ultra Waterproof Case

Ten meters or thirty-three feet of underwater protection means that with this cover you can dive or snorkel with your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Although the advertised IP68 rating seems insignificant with those stats. An IP68 rated phone is “dust resistant” and can be “submerged in 1.5 meters of freshwater for 30 minutes.”

Despite the case’s impressive underwater stats, it doesn’t feel clunky and obtrusive in your pocket. In fact, it’s as slim as any other waterproof case we’ve ever tested. Another great thing about Nineasy is that it supports wireless charging, so you know you have a samsung s21 ultra waterproof case that is up to date with the latest fads.

Shock absorption comes in a trifecta of adjustments: raised lips to protect the camera lenses, raised edges to protect the screen when placed or dropped, and corner, air cushion technology. I dropped my new cocoon S21 Ultra onto the sidewalk from hip height and it bounced like a football leaving the phone safe and sound. Another feature to mention is the ribbed sides that help keep the phone from falling.

2. SPIDERCASE Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra With Built-in screen protector

The first advantage of this samsung s21 ultra waterproof case is that you can use it in everyday life without removing it after your dive session. Use it underwater to a depth of two meters / six feet six for up to an hour; it is perfect for shallow diving and snorkeling. The built-in screen protector feels responsive and allows you to take movies and photos with the impressive 8K camera. The good news is that once you get back on your boat, dry the built-in screen and dry your hands, you can use it for mundane functions like swiping and fingering open image galleries.

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The samsung s21 ultra waterproof case is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane – read more on Wikipedia) which is ideal for phone cases due to its strength, anti-grease, anti-fingerprint, and abrasion resistance. Ribs on the sides of the case are deeper than with a regular case, making it easier to hold the case in water.

The screen protector has a raised area that protects the camera’s important lenses and is scratch-resistant. The built-in buttons work well on volume controls, so you can see your friends from the water even if you’re dicing up and down beneath the surface, which is sure to make them jealous when you’re in a warm climate.

The Samsung s21 ultra waterproof case works with an original Samsung type-c charger and unfortunately does not support wireless charging, so make sure you are well prepared for your trip and buy the right charger.

The SPIDERCASE has been tested and verified at the military level and protects your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra against hard drops of up to two meters / six feet six. For those of you who want to learn more about the military standard, the Spidercase is a military standard, 810G-516 maintained by a tri-service partnership that includes the United States Air Force, Army, and Navy and is always evolving by agreement. This bolsters its number one position in “Best Waterproof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra”.

The SPIDERCASE looks great, in black, and despite its impressive waterproof and shock-resistant properties, it’s not bulky and slips neatly in and out of pockets while not being so lightweight and slick that your phone will fall out easily. All things considered, the SPIDERCASE looks in black and delivers where you need it most, protecting your phone from drops, scratches, and liquid to a decent depth.

3. JOTO Waterproof Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The unique and lightweight dry Samsung s21 ultra waterproof case is a safe option to protect your phone underwater up to a height of 30 meters. Although not suitable for everyday use on dry land, the pouch is a good choice for water sports. The flexible pouch has a see-through window on the front and back, ideal for taking photos, videos, and facial calls (above water), seamlessly while swimming underwater, snorkeling, or maybe scuba diving.

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The touch panel may not be 100% responsive as usual with the S21 Ultra as it is thick and should keep water out, although it is fine to press an on and off button and many basic functions such as on and off video recording. In short, it is a diving case. The lanyard is a great way to secure the case around your neck or forearm.

The bag clicks into place easily and can be removed. Available in a variety of color options, this option is a bargain price for the protection it provides. It keeps out water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt and is an ideal suitcase for an adventure or vacation. A great option in “Best Waterproof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.”

4. Temdan Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Waterproof Case

Temdan waterproof case Only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 6.8 inch released 2021, fully fits the speaker, buttons, sensors, and cameras. This Temdem Samsung s21 ultra waterproof case comes with an IP68 certified waterproof case, which protects your S21 ultra perfectly in any bad environment.

Proper installation is important for successful use. Two lids (front and back) with a click system make it quick and easy to install. Completely sealed, even after many times of opening and closing.

The Clear design ensures that HD clarity reveals the true color and beauty of your device. Front cover with a built-in crystal clear screen protector can also prevent scratches, without sacrificing sensitivity. And the see-through back doesn’t block the wireless charging signal, so it supports wireless charging with the Samsung s21 ultra waterproof case on.

A slim body less than 0.5in / 12mm provides layers of protection but doesn’t add much to the phone’s size.

5. Lamcase for Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G waterproof case With Built-in screen protector

IP68 Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case: Fully sealed underwater housing designed for all outdoor activities, submerged to 10ft / 3m and 6.6ft / 2m for half an hour. Protect against water, rain, snow, falls, dirt, dust, storms, etc. Note: Make a waterproof test before entering the water.

This Samsung s21 ultra waterproof case allows you to charge directly on any wireless charging device without having to remove the cover. Provides more convenience for your daily life. Slim and lightweight design not only makes it easy to carry around but also protects your phone well.

Made of durable plastic and hard silicone frame protect your phone from shocks and drops. Front cover Built-in screen protector for anti-scratch. A see-through back provides a clear view that can also prevent scratches, without sacrificing sensitivity. The additional wrist strap is useful for all types of outdoor activities.

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Lamcase for Samsung s21 ultra waterproof case buttons and ports are easy to press and perfect cutouts for speakers, camera, other contractors, and Face ID functions. Please note that the user experience will be different from a normal case as it is completely sealed for its waterproofing and not used daily.

6. AICase waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra built-in screen protector

AICase Waterproof SERIES case designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. With precise cutouts for mute, on / off, volume buttons, you’ll love this ultra waterproof Samsung S21 case. User-friendly Touch ID function and support for wireless charging without removing the Galaxy S21 Ultra Waterproof Case

Underwater fully sealed IP68 certified Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra waterproof case, designed and tested to submersible to 6.6 ‘/ 2m for 30 minutes, and it can take pictures underwater. It offers full functionality and convenience for watching movies, reading eBooks, browsing, playing games, and much more, absolutely the BEST waterproof case for your S21 Ultra.

7. TOONE Designed Samsung S21 Ultra Waterproof Case With Camera Cover

This waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with camera case supports Face ID or Fingerprint ID to unlock your phone, but Face ID is faster than Fingerprint ID, if you only want to use a fingerprint reader, please read the instructions carefully (ultrasonic function cannot use if the sensor membrane is torn)

IP68 certified waterproof, tested submerged to 6 feet / 2.0 m for 30 minutes. Support for taking photo/video underwater. (Make a waterproof test before entering the water)

Certified 5 ft / 1.5 m drop test and soft corners prevent accidental drops and shocks to your device. The edge around the camera lens is 1.5 mm higher and the screen is 1.0 mm higher, which prevents scratches.

If you have a taste for plain cases for the S21 Ultra for different lifestyles, you can read our article: Best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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