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Best Google Pixel 5 Cases To Protect Your Phone

December 6, 2023

Are you looking for the best Google Pixel 5 cases to protect your phone? Google’s Pixel 5 skips the traditional glass sandwich design in favor of a sturdy aluminum body covered in bioresin. If you want to use the money on the latest version of Google, you should keep it safe for as long as possible. We’ve rounded up the best Google Pixel 5 cases you can get to protect your new phone.

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Rugged Spigen armor for Google Pixel 5 cases

No Google Pixel 5 cases list is really complete without a few options from Spigen. One of the best names in the game, the manufacturer has some cases for the Pixel 5. Spigen’s Rugged Armor is a simple matte black TPU case with some carbon fiber detailing. A raised lip protects your screen and camera, and Spigen’s tactile button covers protect every edge of your new phone.


  • Elastic shock absorption and carbon fiber design.
  • Flexible TPU cover with internal spider web pattern and raised lip to protect the screen.
  • Air cushion technology for shock absorption.
  • Sound tunnel technology cut-out at the top edge to improve speaker quality below the screen
  • Pixel 5 case Compatible with Google Pixel 5

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Pixel 5 Case

The draw for Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Google Pixel 5 cases is in the name. It combines a crystal clear back wall with a flexible TPU bumper. You can choose a transparent or a black bumper. The raised edges are designed to protect your camera and screen. The Ultra Hybrid is the best of both worlds and one of the best cases if you want to show off the color of your Pixel 5.


  • Hybrid technology consisting of a TPU bumper with a durable PC back.
  • Crystal clear transparency shows the original phone design.
  • Raised edges lift the screen and camera from a flat surface
  • Sound tunnel technology cut-out at the top edge to improve speaker quality below the screen.

TUDIA DualShield Designed for Google Pixel 5 Case

The best way to protect your Pixel 5 from drops and scratches is with a high-quality hybrid case. These Google Pixel 5 cases option from Tudia covers all bases thanks to a soft TPU liner wrapped in a sturdy polycarbonate shell. The DualShield from Tudia even has a MIL-STD 810G certification for fall protection. You can buy your DualShield in black, blue, rose gold, or metallic slate.

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  • Pixel 5 case only compatible with Google Pixel 5.
  • Certified military protection and ToughRhino technology for double protection against drops and scratches
  • Raised lip and edges for camera and screen protection
  • Ultra-slim, robust design with a comfortable grip
  • Button clicks and precise snippets for an enhanced user experience

EasyAcc Slim Case for Google Pixel 5

Not everyone needs a sturdy hybrid model, sometimes a sleek bumper is all you need for your Google Pixel 5. This slim case from Easyacc is a simple TPU liner with a raised camera shock and tactile button covers. While the soft material may not be particularly scratch-resistant, the texture provides a good grip and should not slide over any surface. The slim Google Pixel 5 cases from Easyacc is available in matte black.


  • Keep all keys away and keep the best balance of slimness and protection, light and not bulky.
  • The TPU case effectively dissolves nasty fingerprints and the accumulation of dust and oil and is easy to put in your pocket.
  • The raised lips around the screen and camera provide ample protection when the phone is facing down and protect your phone from scratches.
  • Slim and flexible matte TPU improves grip. This type of material is scratch-resistant and easy to install and remove. The buttons are easy to press.
  • The case has generous and precise cutouts for buttons, ports, and cameras, so you can easily reach them during use.

Sparin Google Pixel 5 clear case

When it comes to showcasing your brand new phone, a crystal clear Google Pixel 5 cases can help get your attention. This offering from Sparin is made from flexible TPU, so it should be easy to apply and remove in seconds. It is primarily designed to absorb shocks. The reinforced corners provide cushioning and also serve as a protective lip. In fact, Sparin’s suitcase comes in a pack of two in case of an accident.


  • 1mm raised at the edges and on the camera, protect the device from bumps and scratches if dropped or pointed down
  • The ultra-thin and lightweight Pixel 5 case takes up minimal space and offers total protection for your phone. perfectly matched to all keys
  • The flexible soft TPU protects the telephone keys effectively and provides an original response and quick accessibility
  • Pixel 5 cases can fully show off your beautiful brushed aesthetic on the back of the phone. Stylish and perfect design makes not only a protective case but also a work of art

Anccer Colorful Ultra-thin Premium PC Material Slim Case for Google Pixel 5

We’ve covered many TPU Google Pixel 5 cases on this list so far, but Anccer’s “Colorful” option offers a pop of color and excellent scratch resistance. It’s a hard shell made of polycarbonate that snaps into place in seconds and was available in black, blue, and green until now. Unfortunately, the Anccer Colorful doesn’t have built-in button protection, but the raised lips should help with drops.

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  • Anccer’s ultra-thin hardcover is designed specifically for the Google Pixel 5
  • Precise Precision: The exact precision matches the location of the buttons perfectly and allows easy access to all ports and buttons
  • Luxurious look that makes your Google Pixel 5 unique: Special skin protection design with luxurious colors makes your phone shinier.
  • Premium Protect: The 0.3mm thick hole can protect the phone’s camera lens

Spigen Tough Armor Designed for the Google Pixel 5 cases

Our final Spigen pick could also be the toughest Google Pixel 5 cases on the list. It’s a two-piece hybrid option called the Tough Armor. The soft inner layer absorbs shock, while the rock-hard outer shell wipes away scratches and scrapes. In fact, the Tough Armor has a built-in kickstand that allows you to play your favorite shows hands-free. Spigen’s Fall is one of the bigger bets, but it’s hard to beat protection.


  • All-new foam technology for an extra layer of shock resistance
  • Sound tunnel technology cut-out at the top edge to improve speaker quality below the screen
  • Reinforced kickstand with raised lips to protect the screen and camera
  • Certified [MIL-STD 810G-516.6] protection and air cushion technology for shock protection
  • Pixel 5 case Compatible with Google Pixel 5

Caseology Parallax for Google Pixel 5 Case

Caseology’s Parallax is one of our all-around favorites, making its way onto most of our top Google Pixel 5 cases lists. It’s a hybrid option with a unique triangle pattern on the back for grip and style. Parallax is perfect if you want a pop of color for your Pixel 5 but still want maximum protection. It is available in navy, aqua green, and burgundy. Whichever color you choose, the Caseology Parallax is tough enough for a MIL-STD 810G rating, yet thin enough for easy wireless charging.

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  • Military-grade dual-layer protection with a matte geometric casing and a durable low profile bumper for impact protection
  • A sleek, functional design for improved ergonomics and extra grip
  • Iconic, stylish colors that match your phone and create a unique sense of touch in your hands
  • Designed to be compatible with wireless charging and screen protection
  • Caseology Parallax for Google Pixel 5 Case

These are the best Google Pixel 5 cases we think you can get your hands on. We will update this post with new models after launch.

Here’s how to choose the best Pixel 5 case for you

When looking for the best Google Pixel 5 cases, it makes sense to consider protection based on the materials used. Also, consider the thickness of the case as it is essential if you are someone who drops your phone a lot. If you’re confident not to let your Pixel 5 rattle to the ground, lighter enclosures are acceptable options.

You see a range of prices for Pixel Cases, but the price doesn’t always reflect the value. You need to assess each case individually as cheap doesn’t always mean bad in the phone case world, just as paying big bucks doesn’t guarantee you will get the best item possible. You need to figure out the most important aspects of each case and what works best for you.

The easiest way to choose the right case for your Pixel 5 is to make sure you have the right size. The Pixel 5 is only available in one version, which makes it extremely simple. Any case designed specifically for Pixel 5 will do just fine. Avoid cases for Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G as they have different dimensions than Pixel 5.

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