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10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases To Protect Your Samsung in 2024

December 6, 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases are perfect for lightweight travel! The hidden card slot securely stores IDs, credit or debit cards, or even cash. With the sliding door, your cards remain invisible and safe! We have cases for Samsung S9+ here.

The Galaxy S9 is a big phone, and that could mean a few full pockets. If you’re carrying your phone and wallet, chances are your belt is working overtime. So take one of these purses and feed two birds with one scone.

Benefits of Using a Samsung Galaxy S9 Card Holder Case

Using a Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case can offer you several benefits, such as:

  • Convenience: You don’t have to carry a bulky wallet or a separate card holder with you. You can just slip your cards into your phone case and have them ready whenever you need them. Whether you’re paying for a coffee, showing your ID, or handing out your business card, you can do it with ease and speed.
  • Security: You can keep your cards safe and secure in your phone case. You don’t have to worry about losing them, dropping them, or having them stolen. You can also avoid exposing your cards to RFID scanners or magnetic strips that can damage them or compromise your information.
  • Style: You can choose a Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case that matches your personality and preferences. You can find different colors, designs, materials, and textures to suit your taste. You can also express yourself and make a statement with your phone case.
  • Protection: You can protect your phone from scratches, drops, and dust with a Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case. You can also prevent your screen from cracking or shattering if you accidentally drop your phone. Some cases also offer extra features like shock absorption, water resistance, or wireless charging compatibility.

Features to Look for in a Samsung Galaxy S9 Card Holder Case

When choosing a Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case, you should look for the following features:

  • Capacity: How many cards can the case hold? Depending on your needs, you might want a case that can hold one, two, three, or more cards. You should also consider the thickness and size of your cards, as some cases might not fit them well.
  • Accessibility: How easy is it to access your cards? You should look for a case that has a convenient and secure opening mechanism, such as a flap, a slider, a button, or a magnet. You should also avoid cases that have a tight or narrow slot that can make it hard to insert or remove your cards.
  • Durability: How long will the case last? You should look for a case that is made of high-quality and sturdy materials, such as leather, metal, or plastic. You should also avoid cases that have weak or flimsy parts, such as hinges, snaps, or glue.
  • Compatibility: How well does the case fit your phone? You should look for a case that is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S9, as it will have the right dimensions, cutouts, and buttons for your phone. You should also avoid cases that are too loose or too tight, as they can affect your phone’s functionality or damage it.

To help you find the best Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case for your phone, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best options available on the market. Here are our top picks:

1. Vofolen Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder

This Vofolen Galaxy S9 case comes with a cardholder for 2 ID cards, perfect for light travel! The Vofolen Samsung S9 wallet with a sliding door to keep cards invisible, super handy, and safe!

In this Samsung S9 card slot, you can put cards such as ID cards, credit/debit cards, metro cards, etc., or a folded account. The design of this S9 case is unbelievably good. It cuts accurately, meaning all buttons are fully accessible. You have several color options to choose from.

This Galaxy S9 case consists of double-layer protection with a shock-absorbing TPU cover and a scratch-resistant PC hard shell. The case doesn’t add much to the phone’s overall dimensions, so it won’t be bulky in your pocket or your hands.

It slides aside to open. There are no ridges, as usual, to open things up, no bumps, and a very smoothie.

How to use the cardholder:

  1. Press the right corner of the sliding door with your thumb.
  2. Or pry the door open a bit with your finger.
  3. Then slide the door to the right.
  4. Reach the cards in the small notch in the top right corner.
  5. Take out your cards one by one.


  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases r for 2 ID cards, perfect for light travels!
  • S9 wallet case with sliding door to keep cards invisible, super handy, and safe!
  • Card slots can hold cards such as ID cards, credit/debit cards, subway passes, etc., or folded bills
  • Double layer protection by shock absorbing TPU cover and scratch-resistant PC hard shell
  • Elegant design, precise cutting, full accessibility, colorful selection, worry-free warranty

2. Vena vCommute Galaxy S9 wallet with card holder

With Vena’s proprietary vCommute wallet, you can easily store your ID, credit/debit cards, business cards, or transit cards in the hidden card slot on the back of the case. In fact, vCommute even works with Samsung Pay.

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This unique and versatile Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases has a leather sleeve that folds into three different positions, allowing you to watch videos and movies at your preferred angle.

This Vena Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case is made of high-quality polycarbonate (PC) and shock-absorbing thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This Galaxy S9 protective cover has been tested for MIL-STD 810G-516.6 and survived a drop from 1.2 meters. With CornerGuard technology and a unique pattern, the vCommute from Vena protects your smartphone and distributes the force against knocks and bumps through the TPU case.

vCommute works are great with magnetic phone holders. Metal plates are built into the valve, so no additional plate or glue is needed. It is also equipped with built-in memory for a SIM card and a SIM card ejector. With this great hidden feature, you can easily switch between SIM cards and don’t worry about missing SIM cards when traveling abroad.

The vCommute Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases are designed with precise cutouts and allow effortless access to all ports, buttons, and functions of your phone. The power and volume buttons are designed to provide the same tactile feedback as the buttons on your phone.


  • The cardholder can store a maximum of 3 cards (depending on the thickness of your cards).
  • Does not work with wireless charging.


  • Patented Galaxy S9 wallet
  • Multi-angle magnetic locking stand
  • Military-grade fall protection with CornerGuard technology
  • Ideal for on the go
  • Precise workmanship, detailed design

3. Samsung LED View Wallet – Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases

If you are looking for Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases that is guaranteed to fit and you only need to have one or two cards with you, then the cool LED View Wallet from Samsung might be for you. It comes in black, purple, or blue and you get LED notifications right on the case, so you don’t have to open it to check your phone.

You can use this Samsung Galaxy S9 case with the cardholder to accept or reject a call and receive notifications via the colorful LED display on the LED view cover. You can even assign custom icons to your contacts for a fun way to improve caller ID.

Hold an important bank or transit card by inserting it into the card slot in the envelope. That way you always know where it is: with your phone.

A shell design provides enhanced protection for your phone, while the new fabric-like material makes the handle particularly comfortable to hold.


  • The LED cover shows notifications including calls, time, messages, battery status, and volume
  • Made of high-quality synthetic leather, this flip cover makes your Samsung Galaxy S9 screen look ideal
  • Automatic sleep/wake function to save battery
  • Integrated credit card / ID slot for contactless payment
  • Official Samsung accessory for the Galaxy S9

4. SUPBEC Samsung Galaxy S9 case with card holder

You can keep cash and 2 cards (credit/debit / ID card) with your phone in a beautifully hand-polished Galaxy S9 wallet case with a sliding hidden lock. Keep all your valuables together for more convenience – and replace your wallet with just one SUPBEC case.

The shock-resistant housing of the Samsung S9, which consists of two layers of an advanced rigid German armament PC and a shock-absorbing TPU, is particularly robust. If you drop your Samsung phone, the case’s impact-resistant construction can withstand drops of up to 60 inches (based on test results). With the SUPBEC Galaxy S9 case, you always have your phone by your side – and protected.

The shape of the TPU silicone cover was developed by the SUPBEC-Samsung team to compliment your Galaxy S9 and fits snugly over the volume buttons, side buttons, and curves of your device without adding extra bulk. Tactile button covers with responsive touch and easy access.

Built for the Samsung Galaxy S9 shock-resistant cover. A screen protector inside is a bonus. The raised TPU edge on this phone case protects your screen and camera lens from wear and tear. In addition, the advanced German PC protects your Samsung phone from scratches and dust. Every corner is well protected by SUPBEC Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases.

Please pay attention before buying

  • Make sure the hardened glass is in the housing. Do not bend or push hard when trying to pull out the case.
  • For best performance, we recommend only inserting 1 card, although the sleeve can hold 2 cards.


  • Double removable layer soft TPU and Germany hard PC
  • Raised edges raise the screen and camera
  • Cover all buttons
  • Free Galaxy S9 screen protector

5. Amovo Wallet Case for the Galaxy S9

This PU leather wallet might just be the perfect case for your Galaxy S9 period. It is a folio wallet with three card slots and a money pocket, a magnetic closure, and a cover that folds into a stand. However, the inner bumper cover breaks free from its magnetic holder, so it’s just a great leather and TPU rubber cover when you don’t need your wallet.


  • The perfect combination of wallet and phone case. Detachable magnetic shock absorber back.
  • Simply place the removable inner housing on the wireless charger. Tips: Once charging is done, you need to install the wallet tier for more protection.
  • This folio case is made of high-quality selected vegan leather (outer case) and high-quality PC + TPU (inner case) absorbs shock and resists damage from a drop.
  • With different Cash & Card Slots in this Classic Cover, you can always have your ID & Credit Cards & Debit Cards & Cash with you.
  • Easy access to all buttons and camera and speakers and ports. This slim, form-fitting wallet is precisely designed to add minimal bulk and maintain the stylish look of your new Samsung phone.

6. ProCase Galaxy S9 card holder with stand

ProCase’s first product is this cheap and functional wallet, which has two card slots on the inside and a practical make-up mirror. This case looks particularly stylish with a metal accent on the closure and is available in seven color styles.

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  • Developed exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S9 5.8 inch (SM-G960), not compatible with other devices
  • Exterior and interior fittings made of high-quality leather provide excellent protection against everyday use
  • Full access to all functions (cameras, speakers, connections, and buttons). Magnetic lock secures the case. Built-in stand with multiple viewing angles
  • Two cardholders and a side pocket for storing cash and cards. Mirror function available
  • Stylish yet functional: beautiful color combinations. Hand strap makes it easy to carry

6b. ProCase Wallet for Galaxy S9

ProCase also offers a more traditional folio case with two internal card slots and a money pocket. Rather than a flap to secure the case when closed, it has a sleek magnetic lock built directly into the front flap. The inner bumper is shock-absorbing and protects the corners of your Galaxy S9 or S9 +. You can get it in red, brown or black.


  • ProCase flip wallet Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases, top quality made of genuine leather, exclusively developed for Samsung Galaxy S9 5.8 inch (SM-G960F / SM-G960U). Please check the model type before purchasing (NOT compatible with other devices)
  • Exquisite craftsmanship made from high-quality genuine vintage leather offers a soft feel of nature; The elegant leather structure provides a classic and luxurious look
  • 2 card slots for your card IDs also have a money pocket. The magnetic lock secures your personal belongings in the suitcase
  • Built-in stand with multiple horizontal positions, ideal for entertainment or streaming
  • Durable, shock-resistant on corners and edges; Full access to all functions (cameras, speakers, connections, and buttons)

7. Shieldon wallet for Galaxy S9

Shieldon’s wallets for the Galaxy S9 have a hidden magnetic closure that gives them a sleek look. They are available in black, red or a very seductive blue. The inner bumper is made of flexible TPU rubber that protects your phone from drops and bumps. There are three card slots and a money pocket on the front cover.

The seams are bold and reliable, creating a cover that won’t fray or pull apart over time.

Maintenance instructions:

  • Keep the leather dry and ventilated.
  • Avoid high temperatures, rain, heavy pressure, scratches, powdery mildew, acid, alkali, and moisture.
  • Clean the case with a soft cotton cloth and wipe it gently if you get dirty.
  • Cover leather regularly.


  • Easy to use
  • Invisible magnet
  • Soft TPU holder
  • Luxury packaging

8. Goospery Canvas Diary Wallet Case for the Galaxy S9

These tweed-style cases for the Galaxy S9 come in eight fantastic colors. They have an accented leather magnetic closure, three card slots, a wallet, and the class that a phone case can offer. If your buying decision is based solely on style, you want to know what Goospery states.

The canvas diary cover contains all the unique features needed to set it apart from other standard wallet cases and includes all the elements needed to make this wallet case truly perfect.

The outside is covered with a high-quality canvas fabric that is truly unique, while the inside is covered with high-quality synthetic leather. Functionality and protection can be found in all areas of the case, including a practical card holder, flip-stand tag, and shock-resistant TPU.


  • Colors: black, gray, navy, blue, green, red, pink, orange
  • Unique fabric sleeve with multiple credit / ID compartments and a bill/receipt compartment, eliminating the need for a separate wallet.
  • The cover made of high-quality canvas, which gives it a designer look; lined with high-quality soft synthetic leather. The inner cover is made of high-quality TPU to prevent damage from drops.
  • Stylish yet functional design; Converts into a media stand with a magnetic closure that can be opened easily and held securely when closed. (The magnet does NOT affect the reception signal or the functions of the device.)
  • Earphone cutout for calls with the lid closed. Designed and made with precise cutouts and shapes; a perfect fit for your device.

9. XRPow PU Leather Wallet for Galaxy S9

If you have to carry all your gear, you’ll want this wallet for your Galaxy S9. It has a removable magnetic inner sleeve if you don’t need the extended wallet area: thanks to an inner baffle, there are 11 card slots, 3 cash pockets, and a zippered compartment for changing. There are four colors to choose from, plus another full-zip style.

The magnet is expertly embedded to protect your Galaxy S9 from drops without affecting the Galaxy S9’s mechanism

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  • Professional Detachable Wallet Design: For Samsung Galaxy S9 (2018). Suitable for men, women, children, and young people of all ages
  • Multi-purpose wallet with zipper: 11 card compartments + 3 ATMs + 1 compartment with zipper, practical hardcover compartment with zipper
  • Removable Magnetic Back Pocket: The magnetic back can only be removed for use
  • Premium Folio Cover: The sturdy leather wallet offers your phone full body protection
  • Perfect Cutouts: Easy access to Smart Connector, camera lens/flash/charging, and headphone jacks

10. Slim SiZiYNan flip case for Samsung S9 case for women with wallet credit cardholders

This Samsung S9 phone case with 4 hidden card slots is a great place to store your most important cards (business cards, licenses, credit cards, etc.) and some cash. The back of the Samsung S9 case converts into a kickstand with convenient multi-angle viewing for reading, watching videos, or face-time.

The magnet on the Samsung S9 case is very magnetic and will not let the card fall out. Other people will not see your cards. The edges are raised 0.5mm and a durable interior can protect your phone from drops and bumps. Provides complete protection.

Warm tips:

  • Please select the correct model of your phone before purchasing. The pictures are for reference only.
  • Delivery does not include a screen protector. We recommend that you purchase an extra protective film to protect the screen.
  • It doesn’t match support for wireless charging. We recommend removing this case when charging wirelessly.


  • Practical card slots: you can store your most important cards (business cards, licenses, credit cards, etc.) and some money cards in 4 hidden card slots.
  • Unique Galaxy A11 Wallet Case Design: 2-in-1 combination can simplify your bag and your life.
  • High-Quality Material: Premium PU leather and two-layer structure, as well as soft TPU bumper, give you a nice touch.
  • Convenient stand function: The backflip can be converted into a stand with a comfortable multi-angle view for reading, watching videos, or while watching.
  • Secure Magnetic Closures: The magnet is very magnetic and will not let the card fall out. Outsiders will not see your cards.
  • All-round protection: the 0.5 mm raised edges and a durable interior protect your phone from drops and bumps. Provides complete protection.
  • Slim and Light: The ultra-thin and light Samsung S9 phone case provides your phone with maximum protection without adding extra weight.
  • Precise Cutouts: Precise cutouts for all functions, speakers, charging port, and camera that does not need to be removed during use.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case:

  1. How do I clean my Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case?

    You can clean your Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case by wiping it with a soft cloth and a mild soap or detergent. You should avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasives, or solvents that can damage the case or the phone. You should also dry the case thoroughly before putting it back on your phone.

  2. How do I remove my Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case?

    You can remove your Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case by gently prying it off from the corners or edges of your phone. You should avoid using excessive force or sharp objects that can scratch or dent the case or the phone. You should also make sure that your cards are out of the case before removing it.

  3. How do I prevent my Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case from damaging my cards?

    You can prevent your Samsung Galaxy S9 card holder case from damaging your cards by keeping them clean and dry. You should avoid exposing them to moisture, heat, or sunlight that can warp or fade them. You should also avoid bending, folding, or scratching them with your nails or other objects.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases – Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases are probably the most convenient way to reduce your pocket pulls as you will probably always have your phone with you anyway. This means you no longer have to search for your wallet, telephone, and keys when you leave the house. Instead, all you have to do is find your phone and keys.

If you are looking for a really high-quality wallet with features you won’t find anywhere else, then you should get the Samsung LED View Wallet. In this first-party case, you can see the time and notifications at a glance without opening the cover.

We also recommend the Amovo case so that you have an excellent, elegant, and protective cover for your Galaxy S9 even if you don’t want to have a wallet with you.

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