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Top 12 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases You Can Buy On Amazon

December 6, 2023

It can be tempting to think that you no longer need one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases for your Galaxy S9 Plus. After all, these Samsung 2018 phones are a lot cheaper than when they debuted as we’re already lagging behind the Galaxy S20 these days.

Still, phones can get damaged if dropped especially older phones like the S9 Plus. So investing in a great case is still a useful way to protect your investment, even if you didn’t spend a lot to get your phone. And if you have a Galaxy S9+ that you bought a while ago, the right Samsung Galaxy S9 plus case can extend the life of your smartphone if you have designs to keep that device a little longer.

Best of all, you don’t have to settle for a boring design with the best Samsung Galaxy S9 plus cases, which come in a variety of styles. You can choose from stylish hues, iridescent bezels, and touch covers that really bring out the best qualities of the Galaxy S9+.

Here are some of the best cases you can get for the Galaxy S9 Plus.

1. ESR Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case – Slim Crystal Clear Transparent Soft TPU Cover

This clear ESR Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case protects your phone while showing off its stylish design. It also supports wireless charging. About 68% of Amazon reviewers have given it a 5-star rating.

This cool phone case works well with the S9 + form factor (snug but not so tight that you worry about damaging the phone during installation or removal). The cutouts are precisely tailored and well-positioned, and the button covers protect the buttons without interfering with their functionality.

The ESR Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case is only 1mm thick and doesn’t add any bulk to your S9 Plus. The TPU of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case imported in Germany provides HD clarity and prevents yellowing.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Clear Case is more protective and scratch-resistant than hard PC / PP. Crafted with an Air-Guard Corner design to help protect against drops and bumps.

The slim case of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a raised camera and screen edges that protect your S9 Plus camera and screen from scratches. The microdot design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Slim Case prevents a sticky “wet look”, which keeps your S9 Plus looking great.

Why Buy This ESR Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case?

  • Slim and light
  • Crystal clear
  • Soft TPU
  • Screen and camera protection
  • Avoid grip

2. Zizo Bolt Series Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case

This Zizo Bolt Series Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case is a bit thicker but offers decent protection. It also has a kickstand so you can easily switch to the video playback mode. Some critics say it’s not as thick as they thought.

This Zizo Bolt Series Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case is astonishing. Fits the phone perfectly. The small kickstand on the back is great for watching TV or the like if you just want to pick up the phone and see the screen with ease. It comes with a glass screen protector which is a bonus, a lot of cases like this don’t come with the one you have to buy extra and they cost from £ 8.

The last part of the cover is the clip-on plastic cover that completely covers the screen and also has a belt clip. This is great for taking the phone with you, putting it in your pocket and you don’t have to worry about it falling, and even if it did it would be completely protected.

The clip is strong enough that you can attach the cover to the back of the phone so you can see the screen and use the belt clip to hold the phone in the car if you had a place to hold it in your car. The Zizo Bolt Series Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case are trimmed at the front or back, making it very versatile.

Why Buy Zizo Bolt Series Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case?

  • Passes 810-G military standard drop test
  • 360O heavy-duty holster clip
  • Includes tempered glass screen protector

3. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle S9 Plus Case With Built-In Screen Protector

This SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle S9 Plus case has a built-in screen protector for an extra layer of padding. Reviewers at Amazon call this case ‘sturdy’, ‘easy to install’, and even ‘perfect’.

Unicorn Beetle Pro is the protective solution for your Samsung Galaxy S9 + Plus (this case is not compatible with Galaxy S8 / S8 + / S9 smartphones). The UB Pro Case is our top-rated and best-selling case for a reason, and that’s why it’s top of the line drop protection, premium materials, a built-in screen protector, side grips – all without interfering with the S9 Plus’s features or functions.

Not to mention a detachable hands-free rotatable holster. The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle S9 Plus case is made of robust polycarbonate and gives you more than confidence in the safety of your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. 360 degrees of total protection

It has a double-layer shock-resistant shell with a hard polycarbonate shell and flexible TPU bumpers. The built-in screen protector protects delicate glass displays from scratches without compromising touch sensitivity.

Detachable, rotatable holster with belt clip for easy hands-free and bag-free carrying. Sporty design and many color options.

Dropped, thrown, and run over by muscle cars, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle S9 Plus case offers proven mobile protection for the whole body with every step.

With 360 ° flexible TPU polycarbonate, a built-in kickstand, and comprehensive protection against dust, dirt, and moisture, this is the ultimate mobile defense.

Why Buy SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Samsung Galaxy S9 plus case?

  • Double layer fall protection
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Rotatable holster with belt clip
  • Compatible with wireless charging

4. Reliable Caseology Legion For Galaxy S9 Plus Case For Protection

Protect your phone from scratches, bumps, and drops with the Caseology Legion For Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case. Featuring a rugged, military-grade armored dual-layer rigid shell construction and a smooth outer shell that is strong enough to protect your device without adding unnecessary bulk.

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The inner TPU core has shock-absorbing power and smooth ergonomic lines that make it easy to hold. The internal patterns also help deflect the force of impact and help dissipate heat. The air vent in the corners helps protect your smartphone from damage, giving you peace of mind while adding an attractive two-tone look to your S9 Plus.

The Caseology Legion For Galaxy S9 Plus Case is designed with form and function in mind, it is relatively thin for a protective case of this type, offering all the protection your phone needs without adding extra bulk.

So while your Galaxy S9 Plus is always protected, it still fits easily in a pocket or purse. The edges that run along the sides of the case provide a natural grip, so you can be sure of a good firm grip on your S9 Plus.

The Caseology Legion For Samsung Galaxy S9 plus case features advanced shock absorption through air-cushion technology and provides excellent, rugged protection for your phone should you ever need it.

With a slim and elegant design, the Legion Series Case for Galaxy S9 Plus provides your phone with an attractive protective cover that is sure to be noticed by your family, friends, and colleagues. This is due to its eye-catching dual texture appearance, which adds extra beauty to your S9 Plus. As a bonus, the touch keys protect the phone without compromising usability.

The Caseology Legion For Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case has cut-outs for all ports, such as the charging connector and camera. This also means that you can leave the phone in the case and enjoy all its features, so it is always protected.

Why Buy Caseology Legion For Samsung Galaxy S9 plus case?

  • Rugged double-layer armored body with a stylish outer shell
  • Slim fit for optimal comfort and natural grip
  • Built-in air gap for extra protection
  • Attractive two-tone design
  • Access to all functions and ports

5. Caseology Skyfall Samsung Galaxy S9 plus case

With multiple colors and a non-slip design, this Caseology Galaxy S9 Plus case allows you to protect your phone while still looking great. About 80% of customers have given it a 5-star rating on Amazon, and reviewers call it “stylish” and a “perfect fit” on the phone.

The ultra-clear transparent Caseology Galaxy S9 Plus provides long-lasting clarity with scratch-resistant protection and displays and protects the glass back panel. A protective frame is designed to perfectly match the color of your phone and provides durable corner protection against drops

The slim and lightweight design combines double layers of TPU and PC material without adding bulk to your phone. Responsive button covers with crisp tactile feedback, precise cuts, and increased front lip protection.

“Great Case As Always! I have found that caseology cases are consistent with high quality and this case was no exception. The Caseology Samsung Galaxy S9 plus case comes as close to the curved edge of the phone as possible to protect it should it fall off. ”Said one of Amazon’s critics.

Another reviewer finds it helpful in slip and fall accidents; “I accidentally ordered this suitcase. I’ve never had a case of cosmology before, but you’ll soon read why this is my new brand of phone case! Great case. Looks good. I’ve had a case for a while. It often fell. I have a two-year-old girl and she survived her torture tests. “Says the buyer.

Choose this case to give your phone maximum protection.

Why Caseology Galaxy S9 Plus?

  • Ultra-clear transparent cover
  • Protective frame
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Responsive button covers

6. Spigen Liquid Air Armor Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case

This Spigen Liquid Air Armor Galaxy S9 Plus Case supposedly features a lightweight yet durable shock-absorbing design. The S9 + is a huge phone, so finding a thin cover that offers good drop protection was important, and this case is excellent. Reviewers call this case “soft, comfortable and protective,” while others like the non-slip feel.

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case is designed with its signature geometric pattern with a matte finish that makes the surface extra clean and resistant to fingerprints. All corners are locked with Air Cushion technology to absorb shock with every impact. Every inch of the design keeps the new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus protected and pocket-sized.

The front is decent, but I would recommend a glass screen protector to really protect it. Another good option is the Slim Fit 360 of approximately the same thickness but including a screen protector.

Very slim but protective. It has a raised edge on the top and bottom so that the screen doesn’t touch a surface when the phone is upside down. The textured back provides a really great grip so that the phone no longer feels slippery. It still slips in and out of a pocket very easily. The buttons still feel very “clicky”. Spigen Liquid Air Armor Galaxy S9 Plus Case fits very well on the phone and the material feels great. Strongly recommended!

Why Spigen Liquid Air Armor Galaxy S9 Plus Case?

  • Simple and elegant: matte black diamond pattern
  • Easy to apply – a single flexible layer is applied with absolute ease
  • Slim profile: pocket with quick access to all functions
  • Wireless charging: Remains supported during wireless charging.
  • Clean Surface: Matte finish makes the back resistant to fingerprints

7. Ringke Wave Samsung Galaxy S9 plus case

Launched recently, the protective Ringke Wave Samsung Galaxy S9 plus case features the perfectly fitting and precision-molded dual-layer protective case with enhanced performance as the best stylish shield for the Galaxy S9 Plus. If you’re looking for the best lightweight case for Samsung S9+, this Ringke Wave Galaxy S9 Plus Case is the best for you.

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Soft TPU inner layer protection and hard PC shell have an impressive wave-inspired profile to refine the Galaxy S9 Plus design with responsive buttons and life-size cutouts that allow full functionality for easy charging.

The slim, form-fitting bezel of the Ringke Wave Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case comfortably holds your smartphone with an ergonomic handle and a specialized QuikCatch design with an integrated lanyard opening, convenient for attaching accessories of your choice, such as wristbands to prevent accidental drops.

A special cushioned, shock-absorbing TPU layer adheres to the sides of the device for exact edge-to-edge coverage and better defense against accidental bumps, drops, and scratches. Instantly launch the Edge panel with a smooth swipe with rounded front bezels covering all four edges of the Infinity Display.

Ringke Wave Galaxy S9 Plus Case has precisely raised front and rear panels maintain a smooth, tapered edge to safely protect the camera and enhance the display against flat surfaces. The tapered edge of the rear camera has a special transition ramp area to quickly lock and unlock the fingerprint scanner.

Why Ringke Wave Galaxy S9 Plus Case?

  • The suitcase fits very well
  • Does not block the screen protector
  • Feels good in the hand
  • It does not hinder the functionality of the edge like other cases.

8. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy S9 Plus Case with Air Cushion Technology

This Spigen ultra hybrid s9 plus case can absorb shocks but is also compatible with the wireless charger. Users like the look of the case, saying “the [coral blue version] shines and looks great.”

Experience hybrid technology with advanced fall protection in a single layer. The Ultra Hybrid combines a flexible shock-absorbing bumper with a rigid backrest to maximize defensive properties. The crystal clear back is designed to keep the phone’s original look without yellowing over time.

The corners are protected with Air Cushion technology that eliminates all the impact of everyday impact. Take the Spigen ultra hybrid s9 plus to another level by adding personality with custom elements to show off the device.

The Spigen ultra hybrid s9 plus case fits the S9 + perfectly. Like most cases that provide a significant amount of protection, it adds significant bulk to the phone. The polycarbonate back is nice and grippy although it is a bit difficult to see the blue color of the phone through it and it is a fingerprint magnet.

The flat black bumper is a bit smooth but has a slight outline or rib. There is a large bezel on the top and bottom to protect the screen, but nothing protects the side; this is the nature of the Edge design and not a flaw in the case.

Why Spigen Ultra Hybrid Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case?

  • Designed to optimize wireless charging options
  • Hybrid structure made of a shock-absorbing bumper and rigid backrest
  • Raised edges lift screen and camera off flat surfaces
  • Long-lasting clarity with a hard PC that shows the device with personality again

9. Arae Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case

Wouldn’t you like to PROTECT your Samsung Galaxy S9 plus phone from scratches, dust, and drops? This high-quality Arae Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case is the perfect choice for you. 99% of comparable cell phone cases do not feel and protect but not ARAE as the wallet cases are durable quality, soft material, and FULLY PROTECTED.

An Arae Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case that can hold your cash and cards like a classic wallet? Yes. Amazon customers who bought this case love the way it works with wireless chargers, and one user even said they would “pay more for this case compared to the Samsung brand.”

The carbon fiber look is a great subtle touch to break up a smooth rear end. Also, the polished ramp that leads to the fingerprint scanner; Helps guide your finger to the correct area without the risk of smudging the camera lens.

The ports are a good size, but if you’re using a large headphone jack, like the one that comes with some high-end cans, you may need to remove it. There is a small border on the top and bottom (screen side) to place the screen down without damaging the screen. You can be assured that this Arae Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case will not be abnormally thick.

Why Arae Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case?

  • The specially designed case is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 plus
  • Easy access to all buttons, cameras, speakers, and connectors. Allows charging without removing the cover.
  • Thin wallet style wallet case to minimize bulk and fully protect your smartphone
  • Soft TPU inner cover to hold the device, keep your phone anti-scratch

10. TORRAS Thin Fit Galaxy S9 Plus Case

For a perfect fit without sacrificing the weight of your phone, this case could be the solution. Reviewers love the minimalist design and protection against scratches and bumps.

The Galaxy S9 Plus Hybrid Case is made of high-quality soft TPU, reinforced hard plastic bumper frame that provides double protection, the corners are reinforced to provide more protection. Raised edges lift the screen and camera off a flat surface to protect the camera and screen from scratches, while wireless charging is compatible with the Galaxy S9 Plus.

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The material of the Galaxy S9 + Plus case is strong and good quality, not easy to damage, and has a unique and more fashionable design with long life diagonal stripes. The slim Galaxy S9 + Plus case with precise cutouts around the buttons and functions of the Galaxy S9 Plus phone offers quick access and original click responses.

Why TORRAS Thin Fit Galaxy S9 Plus Case?

  • Raised lips provide an extra screen and camera protection
  • Fingerprint-resistant back with unique stripe pattern without logo
  • Internal network-like design focused on heat dissipation
  • Precise cutouts and tactile buttons allow for quick access and response
  • Wireless charging compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
  • Slim dual-layer construction with TPU body and upgraded plastic bumper frame

11. ProCase Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case

With its durability and non-slip design, this ProCase wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S9 could definitely become your new best friend. Amazon users enjoy it because it is “minimalist yet durable”.

The ProCase Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus wallet case is designed exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (not compatible with any other device). Total protection is provided by our premium design and quality finish.

Multiple functions are available in one case, making your life easier. High-quality composite leather and two-tone design create a delicate, classic look. Elegant yet functional, ideal for everyday use. The ProCase wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus puts a simple and modern lifestyle at your fingertips.

The premium composite leather exterior and smooth interior provide excellent protection for your phone. No more worries about dirt, scratches, and bumps. The detachable wrist strap allows the phone to be carried alone or stored in a pocket.

Three built-in card slots and a side pocket are designed for your convenience. You can carry your phone along with essential cards and cash without carrying a wallet. Plus, the built-in mirror lets you check your appearance at important moments.

This ProCase wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S9 plus has a built-in kickstand that makes multiple viewing angles available. Free your hands while watching videos or chatting by face time. The strong magnetic closure keeps your phone firmly in place. Secure your phone twice to avoid accidentally dropping it. Precise cutouts give full access to all functions (cameras, speakers, ports, and buttons), giving you an extraordinary user experience.

Why Buy ProCase Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case?

  • Premium leather exterior and interior offer excellent protection against everyday use
  • Full access to all functions (cameras, speaker, ports, and buttons);
  • Three built-in card slots and a side pocket for your money and cards
  • Elegant yet functional

12. Cutebe Galaxy S9 Plus Case

This case has a more subtle lace-inspired design that can also be removed if you just want a regular case. Reviewers love the neatly etched designs and were amazed at their compatibility with wireless charging.

The slim fit keeps your phone from looking bulky; Protects your device from scratches, bumps, and dents. Smart design gives you full access to all functions and all buttons without removing

Hybrid design, reserve the pure and best feeling of holding your phone. Durable and eco-friendly, made of high-quality eco-friendly material that is odorless and harmless to your health.

Very cute design and it works great. I dropped my Samsung Galaxy 9 plus on the floor and it was completely protected with the edge sticking out a little more at the corners than the rest of the phone. You don’t really realize it until you drop your phone and that little feature protects your phone from scratches / cracked screen. Protects without making the phone bulky.

Why Cutebe?

  • The slim fit does not make your phone look bulky
  • Clever design
  • Hybrid design
  • Durable and environmentally friendly

How To Choose The Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9 Case For You

The most important step when looking for a smartphone case is to make sure it fits perfectly on the smartphone you want to protect. That way, the case, and not the smartphone inside, will suffer from unexpected drops or bumps.

Case manufacturers often list the specific smartphone models that fit in their case. If you’re looking for something to go with a Galaxy S9, only consider cases that offer S9 compatibility specifically. The same goes for the larger Galaxy S9 Plus. If a case builder doesn’t specify which models a particular case supports, it’s best to pass that case over and choose something else.

If protection is your main concern, pay attention to whether a case maker publishes information about drop tests, that is, from how many meters the case can drop and still protect your phone. That number at least gives you an idea of ​​how durable the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus case claims to be.

Even if you’re not necessarily concerned about protection, make sure the case leaves a small border around the front screen of your phone. That can prevent the Galaxy S9 Plus screen from coming into direct contact with a surface and possibly prevent cracks and other damage.

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