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What Is The Best Case For Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra?

December 6, 2023

The best case for Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra cases can protect your precious new smartphone, a good cause if you just spent $ 1,199 on your new phone. Having a good case will make your phone more resistant to drops and bumps, but that extra protection can come with some flair if you choose your case wisely.

The S21 Ultra is IP68 rated so it is unlikely to damage your phone with water. And although smartphone materials have become more sustainable in recent years, you don’t want to take risks. Hence, having a business is a very good idea.

So what are the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases to choose from? We’ve done the fieldwork and here are our picks for the best options for you depending on what you need and/or want from a phone case.

What Is The Best Case For Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra?

When you choose a case for Galaxy S21, you have to figure out what you want with it. From sleek cases to heavy-duty options, there’s an accessory for everyone. However, since most people want to protect their investment, we recommend Otterbox Defender Series Pro for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

It’s sturdy, comes with a belt clip that doubles as a kickstand, and keeps your phone as safe as possible. It’s not cheap though, so if you still want solid protection in a cheaper add-on there’s the Spigen Tough Armor.

Samsung offers some really nice cases for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, including a premium leather option, complete with a striking accent around the camera module. If you’ve chosen to buy the optional S Pen, you’ll want the right case direct from Samsung, which not only protects the phone but also includes the stylus attachment.

For a basic case, look no further than another selection from Spigen, the Thin Fit. Keeps your phone slim with its small size. It won’t win any awards for its looks, but it does offer protection against scratches and bumps.

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases You Can Buy

1. Otterbox Galaxy S21 Ultra Defender Series Pro Case

Otterbox’s Defender Series Pro has long been the ideal choice for ultimate protection, but it’s also one of the most expensive items on this list of the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases. That’s because the Defender Series Pro is built to last, with plenty of drop protection and construction designed to protect your Galaxy S21 Ultra from damage. The Otterboxk case has raised edges to protect the screen and camera bump.

Another useful feature of this case is that Otterbox has used a silver-based antimicrobial additive to combat some of the most common pathogens in your phone case. Nowadays it is a great rest.

You get a case that can be used as a kickstand for watching videos or playing games. The case is also compatible with Qi wireless charging if you prefer a cable-free lifestyle.

2. New poetic case for Samsung Galaxy S21 for protection

A giant phone like the Galaxy S21 needs a tough protective phone. The Poetic Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 is the right protective cover for this new Samsung phone. The Poetic Revolution series for Samsung Galaxy S21 is a robust and reliable case designed to provide the best protection for your phone.

The impact-resistant TPU coating and PC shell bumpers on this rugged two-piece case are designed to provide 360-degree protection against drops and dents.

The Poetic Revolution case is without a doubt one of the best S21 cases available due to the great utility it offers for its price. Seriously, how many S21 cases can you find with a standard included screen protector and a rubber port cover for less than $ 20? The answer is not much.

Poetic Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 also offers pretty decent drop protection thanks to the use of drop-tested military-grade materials and a raised bumper frame. Plus, it still works great with wireless PowerShare, so that’s what makes Poetic Revolution a certified game-changer in my opinion.

The hands-free kickstand folds flat and smoothly. You can enjoy it in both portrait and landscape mode. The hardcover is a combination of polycarbonate and TPU bumpers to protect your device against drops and bumps. The raised edge protects the inspection chamber on flat surfaces.

The polycarbonate front with a built-in screen protector adds a layer of protection without affecting the responsiveness of the screen.

3. Soft leather case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

If you want your Galaxy S21 Ultra to look great while being protected from bumps and scratches, we recommend that you check out Samsung’s official leather case. Previous cases from Samsung were really good options, but this time around the company added a little more flair to make things stand out.

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There is a braided texture on the camera bump that makes the back really interesting. If you haven’t tried leather cases yet, we recommend trying these first. The back feels smooth, but offers a lot of grips, like leather often does.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra leather case is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it for the quality of the material and the design. It’s also a slimmer option so it won’t add much bulk to your phone.

4. ESR metal standard Samsung Galaxy S21 case

The ESR Metal Kickstand Case has already been a solid choice for previous generations of Samsung phones and yet ESR just sweetens the deal even more.

For what I think is the first time, ESR includes a three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors with its metal standard casing, making it a great deal for users who want extra protection for their S21 without compromising on visual style.

And if the name hasn’t revealed it yet, this case has a sturdy metal kickstand on the back for easy media viewing, which is also a great score.

The case looks cool and clear to better showcase the beautiful design of the Samsung Galaxy S21. Robust and very durable. It feels great to hold on to what’s most important to me.

The unique bracket is freely adjustable up to 60 degrees, so the Samsung Galaxy S21 has the right angle for every situation. The ESR Clear Case for Samsung S21 has raised edges that protect the screen and camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21 from drops and scratches.

The metal bracket is made of aluminum alloy and is not magnetic. As such, it cannot be used with a magnetic car vent holder. However, this ensures that the case remains lightweight and can be used with wireless charging.

5. Ultra silicone case for Samsung Galaxy S21 with S Pen

Samsung also has a case designed specifically for the S Pen, a new accessory for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Unlike the Galaxy Note series, the S21 Ultra does not have a built-in slot for the S Pen.

So if you bought the $ 40 pen along with your new phone, you’ll want a place to store it to keep it safe. That’s where the Samsung silicone cover with S Pen comes in.

Not only is it a good case for your Galaxy S21 Ultra on its own, but it also has a handy little slot for the S Pen, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. It’s a real win-win situation and we highly recommend this case if you plan on adding this optional accessory.

6. Spigen Thin Fit for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Spigen has been a notable name in the case game for years. For the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the company is launching its most popular product lines. The start is the Spigen Thin Fit, which is the case for someone who only wants minimal volume.

This case is super slim like Samsung’s leather case, but it is polycarbonate rather than leather. Still, with Thin Fit, you get a nice case.

Spigen’s slim fit provides impact protection and prevents scratches on the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s rear window while attracting the minimalism we all wear inside. Don’t expect the kind of protection you’d get from a more comprehensive case, but the Thin Fit is a very affordable option.

7. Caseology Parallax Samsung Galaxy S21 Case

The slim and durable Caseology Parallax is a great case to protect your new Galaxy S21 from drops while adding a unique style to this near-edgeless phone.

It combines a raised bumper frame with a sleek 3D backplate for protection and presentation, two things the S21 is definitely missing. The textured design also improves the grip on the phone. My favorite feature, however, is full wireless PowerShare support.

The slim and functional 3D design offers improved ergonomics and a secure grip with additionally raised edges for the screen. The double-layer protective cover offers certified military-grade drop protection and provides shock-resistant protection. The bold and stylish colors are meant to complement your phone for both stylish and scratch-free everyday use.

8. Spigen Tough Armor for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Spigen’s second choice among the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases is the Tough Armor. This is for people who want the best protection Spigen has to offer and who want peace of mind in the event of a phone call or fall. This S21 Ultra case is really durable and built to last.

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The Tough Armor is wrapped in impact foam that absorbs shock and maintains a profile that is as slim as possible to ensure you don’t get trapped with a rock. You also get an excellent grip on the sides so it will be very difficult to drop your Galaxy S21 Ultra in this case. Oh, and the case provides a kickstand if you need it.

9. Spigen Rugged Armor for Galaxy S21 Ultra – Another sleek option for your Galaxy S21 Ultra

Spigen’s other well-known range of cases, the Rugged Armor, is also an option for Galaxy S21 Ultra owners. This case is made from a flexible TPU material, which some people prefer to hard polycarbonate cases (like the Spigen Thin Fit). This has to do with personal preference, but the Rugged Armor is beautifully designed to attract attention and protect the Galaxy S21 Ultra from scratches and bumps.

With a case, you forgo the beautiful design of your shiny new Galaxy S21 Ultra, so it’s nice to have a case that, in turn, looks good. The Rugged Armor features carbon fiber and shiny details to make it stand out. The flexible TPU material is also better equipped to withstand damage to the case itself, better than a polycarbonate case.

10. Incipio Grip for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Incipio is another popular case maker with a few options available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The one we’re looking at here is the Grip case, which focuses on providing the best possible grip. Incipio emphasizes that the multi-directional grip will go a long way in preventing accidental falls by making it easier to hold your Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Raised edges keep the screen safe when you put the phone face down. The Grip also features shock-absorbing and antimicrobial technology built into the shell itself. Best of all, the case itself is relatively thin, so no bulk is added.

11. FYY Luxury Case for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Wallet cases have been around for a long time and some people trust them. The FYY Luxury Case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra can meet that need. It is made from genuine leather and features RFID blocking technology to keep your information private.

In addition to your S21 Ultra, the FYY case can hold up to three cards and has a pocket for cash, business cards, or other items you may need. As for the wallet cases, this one looks great and will keep your Galaxy S21 Ultra in good shape.

12. Speck Presidio2 Grip for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Another famous case brand, Speck as some options for your new Galaxy S21 Ultra. Our pick is the Presidio2 Grip, which, as the name implies, gives you an excellent grip to keep your phone from falling out of your hands. If your Galaxy S21 Ultra decides to hit the ground, Presidio2 Grip will protect it with Armor Cloud technology. That means the airbags will work hard to absorb the most impact of impact.

Another good feature is its antimicrobial protection, which kills the vast majority of pathogens. It’s still not a substitute for regular hand washing, but it does help keep things on your phone from living and growing. The Presidio2 Grip is available in a few color combinations with its soft-touch finish and textured grips. Those familiar with Speck’s design will love this a lot.

13. Zizo Bolt Case for Samsung Galaxy S21

The Zizo Bolt Series case may not win awards for its design, but it certainly deserves one for the versatility it offers as a phone accessory.

Not only does it offer military-grade drop protection, but it also has a built-in kickstand and an included screen protector.

You also get a belt clip in case you want to live out your own daddy-esque fantasy. It might be a bit bulkier than the competition, but this is what I call a workplace-ready case and that means it can be a bit cumbersome.

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14. Otterbox case for Galaxy S21 Ultra Commuter

To round out our look at the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases is Otterbox’s tried and true Commuter series. It’s not as bulky as the Defender Pro, but it protects your phone from short knocks and drops. It also includes Otterbox’s antimicrobial technology, which helps prevent nasty things from living in your phone case.

The name Commuter means that this cover offers the best protection for everyday use. While some may need something a little firmer, this case is ideal for the vast majority of people and it proves its popularity.

15. TopAce Transparent Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra With Camera Lens Protector

With this heavy-duty case, you keep your phone functional, without all that extra bulk. This Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case can give your phone maximum protection while maintaining its slimness. Excellent materials and workmanship give this phone case an excellent life.

The camera protector is of excellent durability; the strong adsorption force is durable and will not fall off easily. This simple and elegant protective case is made of soft material, with a good shock-absorbing effect, provides excellent protection for everyday use, drops, bumps and scratches, and is resistant to tearing and dust accumulation.

This not only protects your phone but also vividly depicts the original style of your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, emphasizing the original line and design of your device. In addition, the 9H tempered glass protector can effectively protect the camera lens of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from unwanted scraps and scratches from keys and other hard substances.

This ultra-protective case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra protects your phone with the best it can while maintaining its slimness. At the same time, making it easy to keep your phone in your pocket and it doesn’t hang in your clothes when you want to take it out. The unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls, and ports without having to remove the case.

Features of the new transparent protective TopACE case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

  • Simple and Elegant – vividly depict the original style of your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Super slim and lightweight slim-fit for a better control feeling
  • The tempered glass protector protects the camera lens from unwanted scuffs and scratches
  • Designed to provide easy access to all ports and functions of your phone at all times.
  • Provides excellent protection – drops, bumps, and scratches, and resists tearing

Do you really need an Galaxy S21 case?

The S21 may have given up on both the S20’s expandable memory slot and Gorilla Glass frame (it’s plastic now), but that’s why it’s a more sturdy and durable phone. So with that said, do you still need a case for the Galaxy S21?

Most consumers agree that the answer is yes. According to a study by NPD Group, 75% of smartphone owners use a protective case. And the reason is clear. Cases are like cheap insurance against life’s little misfortunes.

Most protective cases are made from durable, shock-resistant materials that can protect your phone while providing access to the S21’s PowerShare ports and wireless functionality.

They also usually have enough bezel to protect the front screen and rear triple camera without adding too much bulk to this 6.2-inch phone. Some cases even offer additional benefits, such as footrests, wallet slots, and belt clips.

These qualities are the reason why so many phone users consider a high-quality phone case an indispensable accessory. But features aren’t 100% necessary, so consider your personal needs as you shop for the best Samsung Galaxy S21 case for your needs.

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