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Protective Samsung Rugged Case S21 Ultra Review – It Worth The Price?

December 6, 2023

Congratulations on the purchase of your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra! However, no smartphone is complete without a new case, and as you can see in Samsung rugged case s21 ultra overview, there are a few options available for Samsung. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Rugged Case, which protects your flagship well and gives you a kickstand. But is it worth the full $ 40 price?

When you hold the Samsung rugged case s21 ultra in your hand, it certainly feels tough. With a rubber inner layer and a hard plastic back, it’s clear that this s21 ultra military case absorbs shocks and protects against blunt forces on the back of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

When the phone comes out of my pocket, I can easily bend the sturdy protective case, but it doesn’t put out much pressure. This is good news as the case is unlikely to slip if you don’t want to. If you put your phone in your back pocket and occasionally accidentally sit on your Galaxy S21 Ultra (you really shouldn’t) then you don’t have to worry about this s21 ultra military case popping up.

Samsung Rugged Case S21 Ultra Review

Of course, the Galaxy S21 Ultra isn’t a small phone, so a case that adds extra volume to an already large phone isn’t ideal for many people. Fortunately, the sturdy protective cover is quite slim and doesn’t add much bulk to the sides of the S21 Ultra. The textured rubber makes it much easier to hold the device. Despite the slightly added bulk, I find it much easier to hold the Galaxy S21 Ultra with the cover on than without. I don’t have particularly large hands and it didn’t feel uncomfortable holding the phone with the case on.

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Rugged Case also protects the camera lenses very well. Most cases just have a simple cutout and don’t care about protecting the lenses. In this case, however, it keeps the lenses from sticking out (like on the phone) by making the hard plastic completely flush and having cut-outs for the lenses. Therefore, if you place it face up, it is less likely to damage your lenses in any way and your device will not rest on the lenses. It really feels like the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera is safe in this case.

We got the silver Samsung rugged case s21 ultra for review and while it’s not exactly my style, it looks pretty good. However, I was concerned about how easily scratches and damage would show up on the shiny metal cover. My fingernail has not damaged the paint, which was not surprising.

If the paint came off that easily on a $ 40 product, that would be a big deal. My keys, sliding lightly against the trunk, were okay too. Moderate pressure with a key (something that usually happens when both items are at the bottom of a wallet or purse) caused minor damage and left a small scratch with the black plastic underneath.

Granted, something like the sturdy protective case is all about protecting your Galaxy S21 Ultra from such damage. However, if you are struggling to choose between the silver and black color of this s21 ultra rugged case, I would recommend choosing the black color as the silver has damage to your case that is much easier than the black color probably. If Samsung does not use a different color under the black rugged case, the scratches that remove the paint will be much less noticeable because they are the same color.

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The sturdy S21 ultra rugged case has another important feature to talk about and those are the stands on the back. This case has two stands that allow you to support your Galaxy S21 Ultra at an angle of 45 degrees and 60 degrees sideways. However, these standards only work in landscape orientation. So if you are looking for something that can hold your phone in portrait orientation, unfortunately, this case is not for you.

However, when you flip the stands up, it’s easy to see they are a bit flimsy. When testing the stands in landscape format, I came across the Samsung rugged case s21 ultra a bit, as if poking around in an app, jumping off the length of the two stands straight off the print!

The kickstand wasn’t really broken and I was able to put it back, but for a case where one of the features is a kickstand, making it pop out with just a few fingertips on the device isn’t at all ideal. If I can’t skip an episode of a show I might be watching on a supported phone without risking it breaking, what is the default for?

This sturdy protective case certainly feels sturdy for the most part. Considering the protective layers of rubber and hard plastic, this case will certainly protect your expensive new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from the knocks and drops that the average user can experience. But at the end of the day, that case is $ 40. I can’t really recommend this case at full MSRP, mainly because the kickstand comes off so easily.

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Many Galaxy S21 Ultra cases on the market offer the same level of protection and a more stable kickstand at a fraction of the price. Your stands can probably also work in portrait orientation. However, the official Samsung name cannot be denied and there are many ways you can save on official Samsung accessories.

If you have the option to lower the price a bit, the sturdy suitcase will be a lot better. Still, I would recommend using a different Samsung case unless the Samsung rugged case s21 ultra is the only one that meets all the criteria.

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