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UAG Anchor iPhone 12 Pro Case Review – Best Case For iPhone 12 Pro?

December 6, 2023

UAG ANCHOR IPHONE 12 PRO CASE REVIEW – It can be difficult to get a case that you really like. There is a lot to see in terms of structure, function, shape, and color. UAG is a company that is constantly willing to keep satisfied customers with their original “harder” models, although they break new floors with some cleaner types, such as the previous calendar year’s marital case. Your new UAG Anchor iPhone 12 Pro case is no exception and it appropriately intrigued me. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is It?

The Anchor Apple iPhone Case is one aspect of City Armor Gear’s [U] selection of products and solutions that continue to provide fall protection with lighter construction and cleaner tensions.

What’s in the UAG Anchor iPhone 12 Pro Case box?

  • Feather-light building with a soft main layer that is resistant to impacts
  • Shielded housing with polished channels close to the digital camera
  • Matte tip and increased marking depth
  • Works with MagSafe and charges WiFi
  • Meets military drop-test requirements [MIL STD 810G 516.6] for enhanced shock protection
  • 36g and adds ~ 5mm width and length to mobile phone

Design And Attributes

The UAG Anchor iPhone 12 Pro case has completely pure stresses with a reduced profile in shape, a slightly textured back, and glossy recessed channels around the phone’s cameras. Inside there is a small etched pattern that works with bright circles of different sizes that reduce fat and appear to be very clear.

The 3 buttons on the machine are absolutely protected, although they keep a very good sense of touch, and the mute change can be achieved a lot. The sides wrap around and over the edge of the mobile phone, protecting the screen from a great distance to allow for screen savers as well. At the base, the openings are fully aligned with the speaker/microphone ports and the lightning demand port.

The camera lenses are also protected on the back, making it easy to place your mobile phone on a desk.

The Anchor is available for all 4 Apple iPhone 12 flavors in 4 colors: Aubergine, Light Gray, Black, and Dusty Pink.

UAG Anchor iPhone 12 Pro Case Installation

The UAG Anchor iPhone 12 Pro case is quite easy to install. It will help to guide the angle of the phone mute switch as there are far fewer buttons in the rest of the place to snap the cell phone into place.

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The Apple iPhone 12 Pro now has a good weight and becomes more visible when you put it on the heavy stage. I point it out here because this circumstance is the other way around. In general, super mild cases feel quite weak and/or without protection. The anchor defies heavy maritime connotations and is absolutely lightweight and surprisingly durable. The case is reassuringly stiff almost everywhere, except for the buttons and ports, so there’s a lot more value for resources.

When I hold the cell phone, I constantly find myself scanning all those clear channels near the digital camera with my index finger.

Pretty cool to have an absolutely silent fiddling goal. You should know that your case is much more towards the smooth slide of the texture spectrum, making it easy to get out of your pockets, but harder to maintain.

The main news is that the sides feel recessed from the back, resulting in a variety of muffin-major results.

I wasn’t sure what I thought about it when I first looked up the case but right after putting it on it acts like a delicate lip making the cell phone a bit easier to maintain and significantly easier to choose from. of a desk. The sides of the case are again a bit softer than the back and should really help protect your phone well during accidental falls.

The subtle pattern on the inside helps to minimize body weight and is of great visible importance, not that you actually see it when the case arises.

I received the Apple iPhone 12 Pro case and found that it matches the Iphone 12 just fine as well. UAG seems to promote unique variations so I’m not quite sure what the distinction is.

With the new line of Iphone 12, there is a new variable to consider for covers, chargers, mounts, and equipment, and it is compatible with MagSafe. For anyone who doesn’t know, the period when MagSafe has been reused by Apple refers to new forms of charging and connection. The charger is a round disc that is magnetically placed on the back of the mobile phone, which makes it faster to charge. Apple owns copies to have a suitable ring that helps reproduce that powerful magnetic link with a case on. Apple would also make a wallet that magnetically attaches to the cell phone or in a suitable case.

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UAG’s Anchor case has no built-in magnets in the Anchor case, but they have kept the back of the stage thin enough to be registered and appreciated with the Apple MagSafe charger when placed on a tabletop. The magnetism has been reduced, but it is more than enough to help you feel and discover the center, but it wouldn’t help the weight of the phone if it’s on an inclined or vertical surface. Apple’s wallet doesn’t connect with enough pressure to even wait for danger.

All of the above, the anchor case allows you to choose how you want to charge … Wireless Qi, Lightning cable, or MagSafe in a flat state. Very impressive.

What I Like About Uag Anchor Iphone 12 Pro Case

  • Development and robustness of the circumstance.
  • Individual clear channels close to the camera
  • Tactile gets to feel the buttons.
  • What I would adjust
  • I would slightly increase the texture to make it less smooth.

User Experience

If I hadn’t known this case was gray, looking at the box I would have thought it was white or transparent. It is white with an image that really fits the box. This makes it a bit more difficult to see what you are getting. If you buy this online, you have a better option to see your choice of color, but if you stop by a big store and see this on the shelf, you can skip it, which is a shame as it makes a great phone case.

Unpacking the box is very easy and the side of the box has a cloth tab that allows you to remove the box with the box inside. There is nothing else in the box, but the box has some nice details printed on the back. If someone picked up the case, there would be no confusion as to what product it was and what it offered, given the descriptive text on the box.

Installing the phone in this case is a bit tricky. Usually, I press the part of the phone with the volume buttons and mute switch on the case first. After that, the user can easily push the phone into the rest of the case. However, this case is a bit more complicated.

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The easiest way to put the phone in the case is to press the top of the phone to the top of the case and wrap the case around the rest of the phone. I had more trouble placing the phone in this case than in the defender-style cases. Removing the phone was a different story. It is actually very easy to remove the case and if you press gently around the camera lens the phone will pop out right away.

Once you have the UAG Anchor iPhone 12 Pro case on the phone, it will feel great in your hand. Being lightweight and slim in design, the case feels like a natural extension of the phone. I think it goes really well with the iPhone 12 Pro, I love the little lip around the screen. While the iPhone screen is ruggedized, it’s nice to have that extra element of protection. I also like the look of this case. It has a sleek and elegant design that seems to match the iPhone 12 Pro perfectly.


I think this is a great case to protect your iPhone 12 Pro. I love the drop protection, the cutouts are on point, and the buttons are super easy to press. What I really don’t care about is the smooth body of the case. I found it great to slide in and out of my pockets, but when it comes to holding my hands, the phone has been smoother for me than if it didn’t have a case. UAG has rated this UAG Anchor iPhone 12 Pro case very highly and with its many features, it’s hard not to think that this is a good buy.

  • Cost: $ 37.41
  • A place to Buy: Amazon
  • Source: UAG.

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