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Spigen Galaxy Z Fold 3 Case Thin Fit P Review – Best Samsung Fold 3 S Pen Holder?

December 6, 2023

Spigen Galaxy Z Fold 3 Case Thin Fit P Review: I’ve had my hands on the awesome Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 for a few months now and my experience has been somewhat tarnished by Samsung’s awful flip cover and searching for a case designed for the S Pen. Spigen has several case options available.

The Spigen Galaxy Z Fold 3 Case Thin Fit P is available now for $44.99 in black color on Amazon and its main feature is the exclusive compartment to carry the S Pen with its Z Fold 3. Spigen has a nice storage area for the S Pen placed on the left side of the Z Fold 3 so that functionality is not compromised while the S Pen is easily accessible.

When I ordered my Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung included the Flip Cover with S Pen as part of the launch promotion. This case typically costs $79.99, but the only thing of value is the S Pen Fold Edition. The case wobbles and stops covering the front screen of the phone after a few weeks of use. Luckily I can put it aside now.

Other cases I found with storage compartments for the S Pen placed the S Pen compartment on the back of the case. Sounds good, but it also limits wireless charging and potentially supports wireless payments with the S Pen on the go. You also lose the fact that the phone is propped up on a surface.

I fully understand the limitation of including a silo for the S Pen in the Z Fold 3 itself, but Samsung should have offered something better at launch. Given my experience with the Spigen Galaxy Z Fold 3 Case Thin Fit P, Samsung should consider consulting Spigen if they can’t find a good solution on their own.

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Spigen Galaxy Z Fold 3 Case Thin Fit P Review:

Two pieces of polycarbonate and TPU material are used for the Spigen Galaxy Z Fold 3 Case Thin Fit P. The rear panel completely covers the rear of the Z Fold 3 with a raised opening around the triple rear camera. There is a raised point on the back to keep the phone flat on its back. There are openings for microphones, USB-C port, volume buttons, and fingerprint sensor/power switch. The opening for the fingerprint sensor is perfectly cut to allow for quick alignment of my thumb and fingers on the sensor.

The front panel is a framed piece that protects the top, bottom, and right edges of the screen. The outer part of the screen is well protected and the raised front part didn’t affect my ability to use the outer screen in any way. There are cutouts for the speakers and a microphone.

The genius part of this case is the right side of the front panel. Spigen designed an S Pen holder that securely holds the S Pen Fold edition (not included with the purchase of this case) along the right side of the front panel. There is an opening that provides easy access to remove the S Pen, while the S Pen support frame also helps to open the Fold more easily.

The box is held in place by stickers along the inside edges of the box with extras on the packaging in Spigen Galaxy Z Fold 3 Case Thin Fit P you want more or need to replace one of the stickers. The case has a matte finish that looks great with the Z Fold 3 black and this finish also helps you hold the phone. It’s also a lightweight case, so very little is added to the Z Fold 3 package.

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There is no hinge protection as seen on Spigen Slim Armor Pro or Tough Armor cases. I would have loved to see something like the Tough Armor hinge cover on this one, but the S Pen’s power means more to me than anything else.

At first, I thought the S Pen on the right edge would negatively affect my ability to unlock the Z Fold 3, but it helps because I can rest my thumb against the S Pen while aligning it to hold the phone unlock. As a right-hander, I have to reach out to get the S Pen out after opening the Z Fold 3 or remove it before opening the phone, but since the fingerprint sensor is on the right side of the opened Z Fold 3, there is not a better place to put the S Pen stand. Left-handed users may want instant access to the S Pen.

For S Pen users with Z Fold 3, this Spigen Galaxy Z Fold 3 Case Thin Fit P is currently the best case available. The edges are a bit sharp, but that didn’t bother me and I am very satisfied with the product. I’ll keep looking at what else can be released, but so far there’s no question that Spigen has developed a great solution to motivate you to always have the S Pen with you and use the S Pen daily.

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