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Best Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case/Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Case in Amazon

December 6, 2023

What are the best Samsung Galaxy A52 5G cases and Samsung galaxy a52s 5G cases? Samsung’s mid-range offering has always been strong, but they were blamed for the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy A52, A52s 5G and A52 5G. The standard A52 is a good choice at $ 400 and has a 6.5-inch screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, a four-lens camera, and a massive battery, while the A52 5G and A52s 5G are pretty much the same, but is also used with 5G and 120 Hz refresh rate. However, this type of advanced tech is not cheap and therefore costs about $ 100 extra.

While they are a long way from the $ 1,000 pricing for flagship phones, they are certainly not disposable phones. Keep them both in a protective sleeve. Fortunately, both phones are physically identical, so any case for the Galaxy A52 will fit the A52 5G and A52s 5G and vice versa. These are the best Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Cases/Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G cases:

Ringke Fusion-X Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case

A phone case can add some serious style to your phone, and we’d be lying if we said the Ringke Fusion-X didn’t exactly do that. While its style won’t suit everyone, it’s clear the Ringke Fusion-X Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case looks unique and is likely to grab a second look. A clear back (or camouflage pattern) made of polycarbonate protects your phone while showing off your phone’s design. The extra-large, sturdy bumper offers high resistance to impacts and drops and provides more grip. It has a lanyard attachment point that you can attach a wrist or neck strap to, and the price probably won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Designed for Galaxy A52 Case (2021) / Designed for Galaxy A52 5G Case (2021)

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? Spigen sure, and that’s why there is the Liquid Crystal Glitter case. Essentially, it’s Spigen’s liquid crystal clear Samsung galaxy a52s 5G case for Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52 5G with a hint of extra glam, and that’s where you’ll find good basic protection. It’s made entirely of TPU, a soft, shock-resistant material often used in clear cases. This flexible material offers good protection against most everyday hazards. A raised lip on the outside protects your phone’s display and camera. The only real downside is the price – but you can often find Spigen’s Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case at a discount. So keep an eye out for deals and get a bargain.

TUDIA DualShield Designed for Samsung Galaxy A52 Case

If you’re looking for a colorful hybrid case for your Samsung Galaxy A52, the Tudia Merge Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case is definitely worth a look. It is available in four colors and each comes with tactile button covers and carefully measured connector cutouts. Thanks to the structured side rails, you should also have a firm grip on the Tudia Merge.

Olixar Flexishield Samsung Galaxy A52 Case

It might be a mid-range phone, but the A52 still looks great and you might want to show it off. If that describes you, don’t hide your phone behind a bulky, sturdy case – buy Olixar’s Flexishield instead. Made entirely of clear plastic, the Flexishield offers a clear window to the style of your phone, as well as adequate protection against scratches and minor bumps.

However, it won’t be the strongest option available and is unlikely to protect larger and bulkier cases when it comes to falls and falls. However, if you want affordable, everyday protection that won’t cover your phone, the Flexishield is a great choice.

HOOMIL Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy A52 Case

While the Galaxy A52 isn’t the largest device in the world, it’s always nice to free up some pocket space. Hoomil’s wallet does just that by adding two card slots and a money pocket to your new device. The black PU leather is soft to the touch and you can turn the folio case over to use it as a stand for streaming media.

VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro Case Compatible with Galaxy A52 5G / 4G Case 6.5 inch (2021)

If you prefer to skip the folder, VRS Design opts for a new approach with the Pro Glide. It relies on a sliding rear door for access to your cards and cash. You only have one main pocket to work with. So it is up to you how much you want to save. The VRS Design Pro Glide is also too thick for a Samsung Galaxy A52 Case to support wireless charging.

Caseology Nano Pop Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case and Galaxy A52 Case (2021) – Prune Charcoal

Some cases can be a bit dull, but a splash of color makes a big difference. Caseology’s Nano Pop Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case has a two-tone color scheme with contrasting colors to give your phone a bold pop. Despite the sleek design, the colors really stand out and contribute to the sleek design of your phone. It is also difficult. The slim construction features a central defensive pattern that Caseology says helps eliminate bumps and bumps while protecting corners with airspace technology. It’s a simple case, but the design is certainly effective and the price isn’t bad for the protection provided.

URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Designed for Samsung Galaxy A52 / A52 5G Case

UAG Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case offers some of the largest and best cases on the market. The Scout is an easy choice of protective covers, but it does not lack robust technical data. It meets military fall protection standards, which means it has been dropped 26 times from a distance of 120cm without damaging the device inside.

It’s a formidable boasting that we can believe when supported by the name of the UAG. The inner core protects against bumps and drops, while the TPU on the outside is anti-microbial and holds the device in your hand. It’s not a bad price for the UAG kickstand either, which means this is a great case if you want an everyday cover with serious protection.

Ghostek Iron Armor 3 with a belt holster

It’s fair to say that Ghostek has put everything possible into Iron Armor 3. The two-layer design uses an inner core of TPU combined with an outer layer of polycarbonate. This combination works very well, and Ghostek claims it meets military drop-test standards and can withstand drops of up to 2 meters.

This is a serious boost, but it doesn’t stop there. There is a built-in kickstand, a swivel belt clip and holster, a card slot on the back for easy access, and full button covers. It is protected almost on all sides and at this price, it is very difficult to say no.

Anccer compatible with Samsung Galaxy A52 5G case (2021), Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G case (2021)

The Anccer hard case protects your skin softly and is shock-resistant and is specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case (2021), Galaxy A52s 5G Case (2021). Reinforced with precision cutouts to match the Galaxy A52 5G case (2021), Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G case (2021), the Anccer case provides easy access to all ports, buttons, and functions. The advanced PC withstands drops, bumps, and shocks with cushioning that ensures your phone is fully protected. Luxurious look that makes your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case (2021), Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Case (2021) unique: The soft skin-protective design with luxurious colors makes your phone even more brilliant. Premium Protection: 0.3mm thick hole design can protect the camera lens on the phone


  • Beautiful hard case with soft protection, shockproof slim case for Samsung Galaxy A52 5G (2021), Galaxy A52s 5G case (2021), fashion, and new taste.
  • Premium PC material: Eco-friendly and durable.
  • Premium material for excellent grip.
  • Slightly bigger than your cell phone camera, protect your cell phone camera from scratches.
  • Perfectly cut: Access to all ports, including lightning port, mute, etc.

Does A52 5G Case Fit Samsung galaxy a52s 5G case?

Yes, the Samsung galaxy A52s 5G case will fit perfectly with Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and A52 4G. So, the above Samsung galaxy a52s 5G cases can be used with any of the Samsung Galaxy A52 series.

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