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Top 10 Leather iPhone Case For iPhone 12 Pro Max

December 6, 2023

You are definitely on this page because you need a leather iPhone case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. How do you think is the best way to protect your 6.7 inches iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is by far the most advanced phone from Apple? Right now, you can’t help but learn to consider covers. In addition to the great feel that quality leather offers, leather covers give your phone a premium look and protect you in every way. Most can counteract the effect of a 3-meter drop without registering any damage to the vulnerable iPhone device.

But how do you choose the best from the countless leather iPhone Cases on the market? Just a quick search on Amazon offers a lot of options, all of which claim to be the best. Well, that question is what we want to answer in this article. See below the description and details of the best leather cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max you can buy in 2020.

Top 10 Leather iPhone Case For iPhone 12 Pro Max

1. Leather iPhone Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The classic business style and the delicate leather combined with a shiny metal structure make it extraordinarily beautiful. With a glossy finish, it is soft and rich in texture. Superior appearance perfectly suited for men and women looks great.

The LOHASIC Luxury Leather iPhone Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is designed to last, highly durable with a classic and timeless look that never goes out of style. Time flies, classics last forever and this leather case for iPhone 12 Pro Max always offers exceptional quality and the best user experiences.

Excellent without adding too much volume to your device, light as a feather, easy to carry in your pocket. Perfectly fits your device, enhancing the luxurious business look and comfortable grip feeling.

The leather case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is perfectly crafted with handcrafted soft PU leather and a flexible TPU interior. The shape of the thin section facilitates installation or removal without damaging or scratching the device. A great gift for you and your friends.

Note that the small raised edge of the screen only reduces the chances of the phone’s screen being damaged by a flat surface, so it has limited protection for the fragile screen, it’s best to use it with a glass screen protector.

Why you should buy

  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Ultra-thin and light.
  • Easy access to all buttons.
  • Subtle appearance in the normal business style.
  • Make life easier.

2. Pro Max Metro Premium Leather Case for iPhone 12

The first thing you’ll notice about this leather cover is the unique pattern that is distributed over it. Not only does it make it more beautiful, but it also aids handling. This matches the excellent premium leather material that this bag shows. It is gentle on the hands and ultra-thin.

Much more, this case has a soft microfiber lining to prevent scratches and preserve the pristine look of your iPhone. For protection, this cover also lifts the edges to ensure that sensitive areas of the phone, such as the camera lens and screen, are secure.

Why should you buy it?

  • Protects camera and screen lenses
  • Premium leather
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Very light and thin
  • Microfiber lining prevents scratches
  • Attractive pattern

3. TENDLIN leather wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max with 2 card Slots

TENDLIN wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max, designed with 2 separate slots to hold your cards, so you can easily access your cards without carrying your wallet. Premium PU leather offers an elegant and easy-to-hold style; The Slim wallet cover protects your devices securely. This is a perfect case for people who don’t like to carry their wallets.

Many people are now looking for a leather wallet case for the iPhone 12 pro max. Because the use of mobile phone cases nowadays is more than design and protection. Most leather iPhone Cases now offer more than that so people are looking for a leather wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max with a card slot and this product is one of the best leather iPhone Cases for iPhone 12 Pro with a card slot.

This leather case is designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, the one-piece wallet case is designed in PU leather, premium leather with designed card slots, offering premium style for your devices.

This leather wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max offers ease of use and comfort with its external leather finish; The slim profile does not add volume to your device without sacrificing protection. There is a lip-lift screen raised on flat surfaces to prevent scratches; the camera cutout is deep to protect the camera from scratches or contact with the ground

Leather wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max for easy storage, 2 separate slots on the back to carry your cards for easy access; Keep your credit cards, IDs, or other cards safe without taking your wallet with you

It is only compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 “) case.

Why should you buy:

  • 2 separate slots to carry your cards, easy access to your cards.
  • Thin, light, without adding bulk to your devices.
  • Perfect fit, slim profile, easy to put on and take out of the bag.
  • A thin profile with an external leather finish provides a good grip and a comfortable feel.
  • Raised edges around the camera, doors, and windshield.

4. Mujjo full leather case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

For a warmer, more handheld touch, this case takes the lead among many others. The grain pattern on it is visibly flexible and has a nice finish to enhance the overall beauty of your phone. The craftsmanship developed is irresistible, because the button spacings are precise and compact.

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The protection for your iPhone 12 Pro Max is also guaranteed by the high edges around the screen and lens. You can choose the color or style you want as there are many options in this regard. This case may not be flashy, but the quality, depth of protection, and beauty are unmatched.

Why you should buy

  • Vegetable-tanned leather
  • Light and soft
  • Premium leather material
  • Precise and optimized cut-outs

5. Venito Lucca Leather Case, compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you need a leather case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max that can charge wirelessly, here’s one. The back contains padding that helps absorb shocks and also makes it softer. All edges are raised, protecting sensitive areas of your phone.

Likewise, you can easily access all ports on your iPhone 12 Pro Max due to their precise cutouts. The internal parts are covered with suede to protect against scratches. And how heavy do you think this phone case is? Absolutely light!

Why you should buy

  • Premium full-grain leather
  • Unique design
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Fits perfectly

6. Tough Case-Mate Leather Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

In addition to protection and ease of use, this case can also serve as a wallet for your debit cards, ID cards, and some cash. Unlike other cases on our list, this one opens and closes, giving your Apple flagship the ideal protection ever.

But in addition to covering your iPhone screen, you can also use the leather flip cover as a viewing stand thanks to the strong magnetic component. Apart from that, you can also charge wirelessly with this case, although we recommend that you remove your cards before charging.

Why you should buy

  • Flip can serve as a viewing stand
  • Four slots for cash and cards
  • Premium leather material
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Optimal protection up to a fall of 3 meters

7. AMOVO iPhone 12 Pro Max case

This leather bag is designed to withstand damage from drops. The leather material is handmade and combines PC and TPU to provide shock and shock resistance. There are several cards and cash pockets where you can keep your IDs and important cards.

Plus, since the back is magnetic, you can remove it to separate the wallet from the case. The cutouts are easily accessible thanks to the precise cutouts. Moreover, you can charge your iPhone wirelessly with this leather cover.

Why you should buy

  • Supports wireless charging
  • Multiple cards and money compartments
  • The cover can form a viewing stand
  • Premium leather material
  • Optimal protection

8. Detachable leather wallet case from Le Marche for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Here’s another removable wallet case made from premium leather. The frame is robust and helps keep your iPhone stable and secure. The refinement and elegance of this box make it relevant for everyday use. The strong magnetic flip cover can also serve as a support, enhancing your iPhone user experience.

Keep your money, phone, and cards in one place and charge it wirelessly however you want. However, we recommend removing your cards when you want to recharge. What else? Anyone can use this case, be it male or female, and the protection it provides is excellent.

Why you should buy

  • Supports magnetic charging and Apple Pay
  • The folder is removable from the cover
  • Optimal security and protection
  • Premium handmade leather

9. Bellamay Classic leather wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max with card holder

Classic leather wallet case from Belemay for iPhone 12 Pro max, fully wrapped in durable leather with internal shock-absorbing support (TPU) for end-to-end protection and opens for 3 card holder slots and 1 card and cash pocket are required. The combination of handcrafted style with premium protection keeps you organized, stylish, and protected.

A new genuine leather bag packed in a nice presentation box. Each leather bag is handmade and made from premium Italian cowhide leather, waterproof, scratch-resistant, durable, and comfortable. The fine stitching is done by highly skilled leather workers. A protective wallet case with a style that is compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inch.

Durable and updated leather wallet, the iPhone 12 Pro max case offers 3 cardholder slots and 1 banknote compartment for essential credit cards, ID cards, business cards, and folded bills wherever you are, with technology protection that blocks RFID signals and keeps your card in formation to protect. ]

Belemay’s shock-resistant folding box wraps perfectly around every corner, offering maximum protection. This leather cover can protect not only the back of the smartphone but also the liquid crystal display. The raised edge around the camera lens and touchscreen protects against drops, cracks, and scratches on the surface.

This leather wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro max is a soft and flexible inner cover that is easy to install and remove. The cover of this book can be folded to support an adjustable viewing angle to free up your hands. Precise cutouts for camera, speakers, headphones, and other ports provide easy access to all functions.

Why should you buy:

  • High-quality leather leather
  • Cardholder with RFID lock
  • Full body protection
  • More convenient design

10. Beautiful LOHASIC leather case for iPhone 12 Pro Max for ladies

I shouldn’t end this list without mentioning something done for great women. That’s why I’m going to include this instead of Otterbox. The smooth PU leather case for iPhone 12 Pro Max with back combined with a luxurious golden border and renewed buttons. Every little detail makes for a perfect phone case, just to enhance. Thanks to the full-body bezel, you can enjoy the beautiful look of leather without worrying about damage to your new phone.

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The luxury and premium cover is compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max (2020) 5G 6.7 inch and supports wireless charging. It can also be used as a gift. Suitable for women and girls.

The premium soft TPU leather case for iPhone 12 Pro Max for women combined with a luxurious electroplated gold border gives an elegant and simple look, every little detail makes it more elegant. The details determine the product.

This leather iPhone case for iPhone 12 Pro Max for women is made of high-quality PU leather, which gives a comfortable touch feeling. The hybrid bumper has a better grip, the non-slip and flexible one-piece shape facilitates installation and removal.

Equipped with updated independent buttons, making them easy to press, with clear tactile feedback. Delicate when it touches the skin. Sensitivity to the skin with excellent adhesion. The soft and flexible TPU cover, one-piece compact shape, facilitate installation and removal.

Why should you buy:

  • Simple luxury design
  • Premium PU leather and soft handle
  • Delicate delicate buttons
  • Easy to install and remove

3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Leather Iphone Case

Protecting your phone isn’t the only reason to buy a leather case for the iPhone. I want to show you why a leather case for the iPhone can really make a difference to you.

Leather iPhone Case Is A Fashion Accessory

Of all mass products, the smartphone is probably one of the objects that suit you best in terms of time. The models change, the functionalities change, but the smartphone remains more or less the same in appearance and tells us little about the history of a culture that surrounds it and from which it was produced. By choosing a leather case, you choose to personalize your phone to make it different from others and turn it into a fashion accessory. With a leather case for the iPhone, you can follow the very current fashion trends and express your own style, making the case an important part of your costume, matching your clothes, shoes, and all the accessories you wear.

Leather iPhone Case Is Something That Talks About You

Just as the clothes you wear are a reflection of you, your personality, your mood, and the way you want to show yourself out there, making you look bolder and sometimes more professional, so does your phone, if you cover it with a cape. When you think about it, your phone is what surrounds you the most, if you don’t communicate the clothes you wear. So why not let the phone show a little about you and your personality and become a way of expressing who you are or how you want to be in the world, just with a nice leather cover?

A Leather Case For The iPhone Can Make You Feel Good

Have you ever felt that buying a good item made you feel good? I feel sad, bored, and tired. And it turns out that sometimes you decide to give yourself a gift to improve. Then you find yourself in a store to buy a beautiful dress or online to buy that design object you want so much to decorate your home. Have you ever thought that a soft leather iPhone case could be that cool item you need to lift your mood? Seeing is believing.

Taking Care Of Your Leather Bag – How to Clean iPhone Leather Case

So you finally have a case that you prefer to throw away as soon as it gets dirty. Besides the waste of countless plastic boxes, the best thing about leather is that it changes with you – every bump and scratch reminds us of your exploits.

And unlike plastic or other hardcovers, leather really takes on a beautiful patina the longer you use it. Think of a nice leather jacket or wallet; over time, character builds as you move through your life. And it is no different with a phone case.

Usually, taking care of the iPhone leather case and cleaning it is no more complicated than taking a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth with a little fresh water if necessary.

This will remove most of the dirt and other things that have accumulated over time. And you can probably fix everything else with a little bit of elbow grease.

Maintenance of leather upholstery

But because leather is a biodegradable material that breathes and absorbs moisture, leather needs a little more care than a hard material that doesn’t really interact with the environment.

If you neglect it long enough, the leather will dry, crack, and age in strange ways. But before you worry about cleaning a leather iPhone case, keep in mind that it may not be necessary. Many people love this worn look and pay a lot of money for used leather.

If you are one of them great! You don’t have to do much to maintain your leather bag. And if you want to leave it out in the sun or throw it in a bag full of change and keys, go ahead – make sure to bring your phone.

However, if you want a cover that will look new for years to come, keep it away from water, oil, makeup, and dyed materials such as dark jeans, as your cover will absorb all of these oils. These materials can stain or damage your case, and you’ll be contacting Google for information on cleaning a leather iPhone case.

But the only real upkeep is adding a little leather conditioner or mink oil every few months. A little goes a long way, and make sure to test your conditioner or oil on a discreet part of your leather case before covering it completely with a rich foam. Also, this is a very learning conditioner. Less is more.

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The leather conditioner keeps the cover flexible and preserves the leather’s natural oils, preventing cracks and other unpleasant damage over time.

Scratches And Other Surface Damage

Before picking up the most abrasive material, cleaning a leather iPhone case can be as easy as using your finger.

If you have superficial scratches from nails, keys, or other objects in your pocket or purse, the good news is that you can usually remove or minimize them by rubbing them with a clean finger. The oils and heat on your finger act like a leather healer and you will see these surface scratches diminish over time.

You can also try applying a little leather conditioner to the scratch, this will help heal the damage and minimize its visibility.

However, keep in mind that leather needs to absorb all these cuts and knocks. It’s called a patina, and people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on leather items that have aged well. With a little care, you can do the same with your suitcase.

Water Stains

As long as it’s genuine leather – not PU or fake plastic leather – cleaning a leather iPhone case is more about minimizing exposure to liquids. But if you can’t or if an accident has thrown a lot of water into your new leather bag, if you want to minimize rings and water stains, you need to fix the problem.

Strangely, the way to deal with exposure to water is to add more water. That’s because the water dries up, leaving stains on your leather cover. The secret is to soak a clean sponge or towel in fresh water and rub around the water stain so that you soften the touch as you work to remove the stain. This prevents ringing as the water dries out.

If you’re wondering how to clean a soaked leather cover, it’s best to just wait for it to dry – or leave it on the tap until it’s clear whether you’re dealing with coffee, soda, wine, or another dark liquid – then apply a leather conditioner to moisturize your cover.

You can also try waterproofing leather a bit if you don’t want to worry about liquids and spills. Like any conditioner or cleaner, try a piece that isn’t visible so you don’t like it getting dark or changing the look of your leather.

Further Cleaning

But if you have bad stains or dirt on your leather case that cannot be removed with a clean cloth and water, the best thing to do is to clean the leather case of your Apple phone using leather cleaners.

However, try cleaning the offending part first with a mild soap. Soap cleaners should help remove stubborn stains or stains, and you can avoid using an abrasive cleaner.

If you have a particularly problematic stain, a leather cleaner is the best way to ask how to clean a leather case.

But don’t make the mistake of using something that isn’t specifically designed to clean leather. Leather is a demanding material and you will never want to use regular cleaning products on any type of genuine leather. You will likely cause irreversible stains on your leather, and the leather may crack or rot prematurely if you use solvents containing alcohol or other drying agents.

So, how do you clean a leather iPhone case? Well, the actual cleaning is very simple:

  • Add a small amount of leather cleaner to a damp cotton cloth. Less is more. You don’t want to add too much and change the look of your leather. It’s also a good idea to test it in your box to avoid accidentally smudging any visible area.
  • Rub in the stain with gentle circular motions as you step outside. This will soften the edges of the cleaning so it looks more natural. However, be careful not to press too hard as this can stretch and deform your cover.
  • If there is too much cleaner in the box, clean it with a cloth. The build-up can leave streaks and other unpleasant discolorations.
  • Let your cover dry completely and repeat the steps above until the stain is gone. Remember, it is better to apply a little cleaner and repeat these steps than to apply a lot and ruin the case.


All the leather iPhone cases on our list are top-notch and provide excellent protection for your new iPhone 12 Pro Max. But you may want to choose ESR’s Pro Max Metro Premium Leather Case for iPhone 12 for a few reasons. First, it is the cheapest on the list. So if you don’t have a lot of money to buy a phone case, this can be an excellent choice. Second, it has everything your iPhone needs for beauty and protection. The sacrifice you make to get an excellent leather iPhone case can now determine how long you will enjoy your new device. We hope this piece will help your decision-making process.

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