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New Spigen Ultra-Hybrid iPhone XS max for Maximum Protection

The Spigen ultra-hybrid iPhone XS max is a mounting style case with a TPU back and a polycarbonate frame. The TPU case provides superior durability and shock protection for your phone, while the polycarbonate frame with UV coating gives extra strength and strength to the case.

The softcover also prevents any damage that could be caused by removing or attaching the cover. With the ultra-hybrid iPhone xs max from Spigen, you protect your iPhone Xs Max against scratches and damage from drops, while still looking at the original design of your phone. The case is largely transparent and fits seamlessly with your iPhone.

A hole has been thought of for the camera, buttons, and connections so that you can use your iPhone as usual. The Spigen iPhone XS Max has a distinctive and timeless design, so you’ll want a case that maintains this look while still offering protection from scratches, scrapes, and minor bumps.

Each spigen ultra-hybrid iPhone xs max has been expertly designed to be as slim as possible without sacrificing protection and crafted to perfectly follow the contours of your phone while preserving as much of its original appearance as possible.

The Spigen ultra-hybrid iPhone XS max optimizes functionality for all ports and features of the device. The TPU case has contoured button covers, while the headphone port, charging port, and camera are left open for ease of use.

Features of the Spigen Ultra-Hybrid iPhone XS Max:

  • Extreme protection against drops and scratches
  • Protective TPU and polycarbonate combination
  • Slim build retains the super slim aesthetic of the iPhone XS Max
  • Advanced shock absorption technology
  • The protruding 1.5mm bezel protects your screen
  • The seamless style has an eye-catching two-tone finish.
  • Access to ports and functions
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