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Latest iPhone Xs Max Ultra-thin Case From TORRAS

The minimalist design of iPhone Xs Max ultra-thin case doesn’t add too much extra bulk to your phone and keeps the phone’s original beauty. Affordable, fashionable, stylish, and durable case for iPhone Xs Max!

Friendly wireless charger. Compared to the larger case, this slimmer case is much easier to dissipate heat. Safer, more convenient, faster.

At just 0.03 inch, the thinnest and lightest case for iPhone Xs Max, your new iPhone Xs Max stays slimmer and smarter. Tailored for those who hate the sexy line of the new iPhone that will be ruined by heavy, clunky cases

This iPhone Xs Max ultra-thin case fits like a glove and all ports and buttons are easily accessible. Flexible enough to ensure easy installation. The iPhone Xs Max hard case can protect the volume and the wake up / sleep button well. The ultra-sensitive touch buttons are easy to press.

Hard plastic case for iPhone Xs Max with slightly raised edge to protect the camera from scratches on the abrasive surface. Made by Advanced Germany imported Bayer PC material. Ergonomic matte finish for a comfortable, silky soft touch and great grip feel.

The iPhone Xs Max ultra-thin case fits your phone perfectly. They are only 0.03 inches in size. With the Ultra Slim Fit Xs Max Case, you don’t feel anything on your phone, but it retained the protection of the iPhone Xs Max and gave you an excellent grip.

Why choose an ultra-thin case?

The big screen is a trend, just like the large format. Why should you keep using a thick cover for your beautiful iPhone?

How thin is the TORRAS Flagship slim case?

Only 0.03 inch, very thin, it adds nothing to the size and weight of the larger iPhone Xs Max, you don’t even feel like a case exists!

Features of iPhone Xs Max ultra-thin case:

  • Works 100% with wireless charging
  • Silky smooth finish and soft feel
  • Scratch and camera protection
  • Super thin and light