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New Xiaomi Mi 9 Spigen Case For Ultimate Protection

If you are looking for one of the best protective cases for your Xiaomi Mi 9 phone, this Xiaomi Mi 9 Spigen case is what you need. There are many reasons to buy the Spigen Xiaomi Mi 9 case. Some people buy it to protect their phone from scratches or slips and drops, to prevent the Mi 9’s screen from breaking. While some people buy a phone case to add beauty to their phones.

But you are buying for all the reasons mentioned above, then this Spigen Rugged Armor case designed for Xiaomi Mi 9 has it all. The Classic Rugged Armor series is now available for the new Xiaomi Mi 9. Stylishly packaged, the signature look remains unchanged with a matte black finish and carbon fiber accents.

Air Cushion technology is incorporated into all corners for extra protection against drops, while the raised edges provide enhanced screen protection. Wrap the new Xiaomi Mi 9 in sturdy armor for the perfect balance of defense and class. The Xiaomi Mi 9 Spigen case fits just as well as the original case but feels a lot better. Thicker and significantly better camera coverage and grip.

By using it well with a screen protector. The camera cutout has a small dent around it to prevent the camera from coming out. It’s pretty subtle, it doesn’t bother me like some of the reviews. Unfortunately, this only clears the camera about 1mm, so it’s still very easy to hit the camera. The other cuts are nicely aligned. The Xiaomi Mi 9 Spigen case fits well and the phone is still quite thin.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Spigen Case

  • Resilient shock absorption and carbon fiber design
  • Flexible TPU cover with inner spider web pattern and raised lip to protect the screen
  • Air cushion technology for shock absorption
  • Tactile buttons for solid feedback and easy pressing