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New Hybrid Designed Spigen iPhone X Case for Protection

Experience hybrid technology that integrates advanced fall protection in a single layer of the Spigen iPhone X case. The Ultra Hybrid combines a flexible shock absorber with a rigid rear to maximize defensive characteristics. The transparent back is designed to preserve the original look of the phone without yellowing over time.

The corners of this Spigen iPhone x case are protected by Air Cushion technology, which absorbs all the shocks of everyday life. Take the Ultra Hybrid to another level, adding personality with personalized items to display with the device.

The bezel on the face of the box is raised. If the phone falls on the face, the screen will not contact the ground. It also accommodates a glass screen protector but does not make the case absurdly thick.

The rear design has the camera built into an elevated bumper. The back is not uniformly thick, so the other three corners of the box have few raised areas so that the box is flat on a table. Again, this is not a sacrifice to be thin.

Probably the thinnest, yet still protective iPhone x Spigen you’ll find. It adds weight and about half an inch of volume on each side, but it seems enough to cushion the falls.

Features of the Spigen iPhone x case:

  • Hybrid structure consisting of a shock-absorbing bumper and rigid backrest
  • Slim profile with precise cutouts and responsive buttons
  • Long-lasting clarity with a hard PC back to the display device with personality
  • Precise cutouts and tactile buttons ensure quick access and return
  • Military-grade protection with airbag technology in every corner
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