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How To Clean Leather Phone Case?

December 6, 2023

How to clean leather phone case? This is going to be a very short and concise post. Our phone cases are widely used day in, day out. We roll them on the couch with a bowl of chips, grab grease or crumbs from the box and toss them into our backpacks and bags, where they collect fluff and attract stains. Most of us even take our phones to the bathroom. Awful!

So it’s probably a good idea to how to clean leather phone case. But not all phone cases are made of the same material, leaving some of us confused and using inappropriate cleaning agents that can do more harm than good. So, this post will be focusing on how to clean leather phone cases.

How To Clean Leather Phone Case

Straight to the question “how to clean leather phone case”. It is best to clean leather phone cases with a mild solution. You can lightly clean the leather case with mild soap and a damp microfibre cloth. Apply the soap to the cloth and spread evenly. If you have a mild cleanser, use it along with a dry cloth. When drying, use a softer microfibre cloth instead of flat cloth. This is because leather is porous, so you want to make sure you get into the tiniest cracks and crevices in the material.

Always use the utmost care when cleaning and drying, rubbing in a circular motion. This ensures that you do not stretch the leather. Keep in mind that different products and solutions you use on your leather bag can change its appearance and color, so the easier the cleaning job, the better.

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Tip: Use Saddle Soap to repair and condition your leather.


Whatever phone case you have, microfiber is essential if you want to know how to properly clean phone cases. That’s because microfiber is soft enough not to scratch, small enough to catch dirt, and absorbent enough to dry completely! Microfiber is so small that it can effectively remove many germs and bacteria with just water.

It is important to clean your phone case regularly to prevent dirt, residue, and dirt build-up. With a combination of cleaning mixes and microfibre cloths, you can effectively clean your phone case, whatever type of case it is. Whether it’s silicone or wood, you can count on a microfiber cloth to completely clean your phone case without damage.

How To Clean Leather Phone Case – Don’t Forget To Clean Your Phone Case (To Make It Last)

If you have one of the great leather iPhone cases or Samsung phone cases, there will come a time when you need to clean them. But also keep in mind that a little routine check and cleaning once a week can go a long way.

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