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How To – 5 Steps Put On and Take Off an iPhone Case

December 6, 2023

If you have an iPhone, you will probably use or use a case to protect it. This means that at some point you will have to figure out how to install the case and how to remove it. It may sound pretty simple, but if your case is super snug and/or is a snap cover, it might be a little more difficult than it looks. But good news: it’s not that hard if you have some helpful advice. Better news: We’ve presented all of these neat tricks below in our step-by-step guides.

How to Put On an iPhone case

Step 1: Prepare your workspace

Sit at the table, put away unnecessary clutter, and most importantly, cover the immediate workspace with something soft, like a folded towel. The last thing you want is to drop the phone on the floor or hard surface and damage the device. (For starters, let’s not forget the whole reason you have a case)

Step 2: Tighten the top left corner

Grab the case (with the opening facing up) with your left hand and grab the phone with your right hand (with the screen facing up). Slowly slide the top left corner of your iPhone into the case towards the cutouts for the call and volume buttons/button covers. Don’t worry if these elements aren’t perfectly aligned at this point – they will snap into place later. Gently tighten this position with your left hand.

Step 3: Snap the top right corner

With the top left corner still connected and pinched, use your right hand to click in the top right corner of the case. Then slide your right hand along the side of the phone and lid, applying steady pressure until you reach the lower right corner. Now squeeze this corner tightly between your index finger and thumb. It should snap securely into place.

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Step 4: Fix the last corner

Depending on the phone case, fixing the last corner can be as easy as a slight pinch in the last edge. If not and the corner of the case folds under the phone, try using a business card to slide the case over the last edge. Slide the business card into the gap between the iPhone and the case and slowly move it along the edge of the iPhone to the last corner, working at the same time to snap the case into place. It works like a shoehorn.

Step 5: Make sure the cutouts are aligned

At this point, the case should be fully installed which means that all button cutouts/covers are properly aligned with all buttons and ports.

Tip: Sometimes you can accidentally turn the ringer on or off while wearing the case, so check it out.

Now that you have the case, it is inevitable that you will have to remove it in the future. Maybe you want to try a different case or maybe you want to clean yours quickly. Whatever the reason, if you need some simple instructions on how to remove your iPhone case safely, we can help you with that too. Let’s go through this process step by step. You also need to know how to clean a clear phone case.

How to remove an iPhone case

Step 1: Prepare your workspace

Just like when removing a suitcase, it is important to find yourself and set it up correctly. Then grab a chair, tidy up your workspace, and spread out a towel to create a soft, flat work surface. The last thing you want to do when removing the case is to drop and break the phone.

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Step 2: Remove the diagonal corner opposite the volume buttons

Start by removing the corner of the case which is the corner of the ringer switch and volume buttons. Take the phone as if you were going to send a text message and rotate it 180 ° with the screen facing up. In this new top left corner, place both thumbs on the front of the case and lift the case firmly off the phone. If that doesn’t work, try gently using your fingernails or a blunt object to loosen the edges closest to the corner.

Step 3: Remove the adjacent corner

With the phone in the same position, apply the above techniques to remove the corner right next to the previous one. The case should come off a little easier at this angle, so take extra precautions to avoid dropping your phone.

Step 4: Slide the phone out of the case

As the two corners are released, gently hold the case with one hand and firmly hold the exposed part of the phone with the other hand. Now slide the phone out and away from the case.

Tip: Make sure you haven’t turned on the ringer switch or turned up the volume when removing the case.

So that’s it. You are now an expert in applying and removing an iPhone case. If you have any problems or helpful tips that we haven’t mentioned, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to check our store to learn more about the best iPhone cases.

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