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S10e Card Case – 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Wallet Case in 2021

December 6, 2023

Do you really need an S10e card case? The wallet cases provide more than just protection, it also provides safety for our cards. At first glance, Samsung’s Galaxy S10e may seem like a budget phone. Actually, the specs aren’t that far removed from Samsung’s other current-generation phones, and so is the significant price.

It’s the kind of investment you want to protect with a phone case. If you’re still emptying your wallet for this beautiful new phone, why not take the opportunity to upgrade to a wallet case? Here are our picks for the best Galaxy S10e card cases.

What Are The Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Wallet Cases In 2021?

1. Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 silk slayer S10e Card Case

Not only Wallet Slayer Vol.1 Case has one of the best names of all phone accessories. It is also one of the best wallet cases for Galaxy S10e due to its simple and intuitive design. You can store up to 3 cards plus cash in the spring-loaded rear compartment, which is easy to get in and out. The case has a small ridge on which you can place a credit card and use it as a holder.

The S10e card case is lightweight and air-cushioned to withstand the impact of falls. It has a small bezel to protect the front screen, while the rear camera is protected by a fairly protruding card slot. So yes, this case is a bit bulky, but its simple and creative design still makes it a great choice. Also, it will always be easier than carrying a full wallet.


  • Capacity for 3 cards plus cash
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Slot for the credit card holder


  • Bulky design
  • Could be more affectionate
  • Limited impact resistance


  • It fits 3 more money cards
  • High grip structured edges
  • Ultra lightweight and durable construction
  • Someone said, kickstand
  • Protective airbag corners

2. Tekcoo Luxury Wallet S10e card case

If you’re interested in switching to a wallet-style case for your Galaxy S10e, but can’t give up on the useless stack of receipts and punch cards, Tekcoo’s luxury wallet case is for you. This case is about the size of a small wallet as it has a two-piece folio bus with enough slots for eleven different cards. Two of them even have transparent windows, in case you have two different IDs.

So this S10e card case is quite bulky, but it gives you plenty of reasons to carry it. The case folds into a media display stand and the TPU magnetic case that locks the phone can be removed when you need a more portable protection option. Wireless charging works through both the plastic cover and the leatherette cover, and the phone’s ports and buttons are easily accessible.

This case is not made of the most beautiful or durable material but offers so much extra functionality that it is almost reasonable that someone has eleven different credit cards.


  • Holds 11 cards plus cash
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Detachable inner case


  • Bulky design
  • Regular materials
  • Limited color options

Tekcoo Galaxy S10e Card Case Features:

  • Premium PU imitation leather wallet style cover from Tekcoo.
  • Built-in card pockets for easy storage of IDs and credit cards.
  • It is also resistant to tears, scratches, and fingerprints.
  • With a detachable hard magnetic case, you can carry the phone at your leisure without the attached wallet.
  • Slim without sacrificing phone security. The wrist strap provides quick and easy access and convenience to carry anywhere.
  • It includes a folded flip case with a magnetic clip as a phone holder, so you can easily watch videos and movies with the comfort you want. And it doesn’t affect the signals.

3. Spigen Slim Armor CS Wallet Case for S10e

The Spigen Slim Armor CS S10e card case is barely bigger than the average defender. The drop-resistant design of the military-grade Spigen s10e cardholder can only hold two credit cards in the compact slot on the back, but this compromise also makes it one of the lightest and thinnest wallet cases available for the Galaxy S10e.

An opaque sliding door completely hides the rear card compartment of this spigen s10e cardholder, while air-filled corners from all directions protect against drops. The CS cardholder also has a raised edge around the front screen and rear camera to protect it from side falls.

This Spigen s10e card case isn’t particularly attractive or stylish in design, but its robust functionality makes it a capable replacement for larger, non-wallet cases.

I really like the style, color, material, and quality of the protection it provides. All in all, a great product. I don’t regret buying it. It’s worth it for the price.


  • Has 2 cards
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Military drop test


  • Nice card slot
  • Limited color options
  • Could be more affectionate
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Features of the Spigen s10e card holder

  • Absolute protection = double layers + air cushion technology
  • The outer card slot holds 2 cards
  • Shock-absorbing TPU interior + polycarbonate exterior
  • The minimalist design is slimmer than wallets and looks stylish.

4. Samsung Led S10e wallet case

I almost didn’t want to include Samsung’s official LED View Cover case in this list. But unfortunately, it’s technically a wallet case, and one with a really unique trick. The uniqueness of this case is that the front is designed to digitally display notifications from your phone’s always-on Infinity-O display in the retro dot-matrix style.

Samsung Led S10e wallet case can be customized with separate icons for individual contacts and some apps. If you have an app that supports customizable icons, it will be displayed in the LED icon editor app when you select the icon you want to use.

The Samsung Led S10e card case protects the mobile phone and displays the time, calls, or messages as designed.

The Samsung Led S10e wallet case is a multifunctional case that stores cards in the inner compartment and shows you LED notifications on the outside. On the front, LED lights illuminate to notify you of incoming calls, messages, the current time, and more. Just press the power button on the phone with a closed case to get all your information.

You can make phone calls and receive notifications with the colorful LED display on the LED Wallet case. Hold an important bank or transit card by sliding it into the card compartment in the stack. That way you always know where it is: with your phone.

LED icons: Set specific icons for callers. Create custom LED icons for events and contacts using the built-in icon editor. The US version comes with a quick start guide.

Just having a credit card is also a bit of a hassle. However, with vendor support for Samsung Pay and cryptocurrencies growing at the same time, one could easily spend a night on the town using just their ID and their phone. As expensive as this case is, it’s still a viable option.


  • LED display shows messages
  • Adhesive texture
  • Front cover with card slot


  • High price tag
  • Folio cover does not fold back
  • You only have 1 card

Features of the Samsung Led S10e card case

Unique features. The Galaxy S10e’s LED cover has mood lighting, a camera timer, and emoticons for the rear cameras. The Galaxy S10e LED Wallet case doesn’t have one.

Bag (wallet). The LED view cover of the Galaxy S10e has a compartment (wallet) on the inside of the front. The Galaxy S10e LED cover has no front or pockets.

Lock and activate the phone. The Galaxy S10e LED Wallet case can lock the phone (when you close the case) or activate the phone (when you open the case). The Galaxy S10e LED cover does not have this feature.

Customize the LED icons for contacts and applications. The Galaxy S10e’s LED View Cover allows you to customize the LED icons for individual contacts and apps. The Galaxy S10e’s LED body does not allow this. Also, the LED notification icons on the Samsung Led S10e wallet case only work with pre-installed apps.

5. Maxboost mWallet Series housing

The Maxboost mWallet Series Case is a fairly basic case option, offering just a flat black color scheme in a standard folio design. However, it is one of the best Galaxy S10e wallet cases based on usability and price alone.

This Maxboost mWallet Series S10e card case is slim and light while holding three credit cards and cash in the folio style. The slim leatherette cover doesn’t offer much drop protection or extra grip, but your phone’s screen stays securely in your pocket without adding a lot of bulk.

The plastic housing of the phone makes all necessary ports, buttons, and speakers easily accessible and wireless charging works seamlessly through this Maxboost mWallet series case for S10e.

STYLISH AND CLASSIC: The Maxboost mWallet Series quality case for S10e gives your phone the protection it needs and doubles as a personal card/wallet case.

Multifunctional: Includes 3 card slots and a side pocket for extra cash, receipts, or cards. The magnetic lock design is convenient to use and the standard feature for a hands-free viewing experience. [NOTE: Holding too many cards can weaken the functionality of the magnetic clasp]

Comprehensive Protection: Protects your phone from scratches, dirt, and everyday wear and tear.

Friendly Powershare – Combine two devices to instantly share power wirelessly. [Note: Compatible with most Qi-compatible devices].


  • Capacity for 3 cards plus cash
  • Slim and light
  • Compatible with wireless charging


  • Regular materials
  • Could be more affectionate
  • Limited impact resistance

Features of the Maxboost mWallet Series Case for S10e:

  • Made from scratch-resistant premium synthetic leather with a built-in TPU shell.
  • Cardholder with three card slots and an additional side pocket for cash and receipts.
  • Precise cutouts so you can easily access buttons, ports, and the camera without removing the case.
  • The sleek yet stylish finish and flip case keep your phone hidden while maintaining a stylish look.
  • Lift the lid of the holder and watch your favorite movie or video stream hands-free.

6. OtterBox Strada Series S10e Card Case

OtterBox may be best known for their original Defender Series case, but they also offer an equally impressive array of protection features in their Strada Series wallet case. No, this case doesn’t have rubber port covers or the built-in screen protector of your original Defender case, but it does have the same military drop-test and high-quality construction.

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This S10e card case has a protective, padded TPU frame that reinforces the corners of your phone where it is most likely to fall. It has a high-quality microfiber lining on the inside to keep the finish of your S10e and a pretty nice leather exterior that gives it that classic wallet look.

The folio case has a magnetic closure that allows it to be closed securely in your pocket. This keeps your screen safe and your case free of fluff and other dirt. The folio case has a single card slot, which is the only thing that doesn’t really make this case impressive. You may be able to fit two cards in this leathery slot, but the OtterBox could certainly have made it easier.

Despite its volume and high price, the Strada series case is a great way to keep your phone safe. But your role as a wallet always comes second, and that can really hurt usability for those switching between different payment options.


  • Microfiber lining
  • Military drop test
  • Strong magnetic closure


  • High price tag
  • You only have 1 card
  • Bulky design

Features of the Otterbox Strada Series Leather Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S10e

  • Genuine leather folio case for Samsung Galaxy S10e Edge (ultra-thin, stylish, and pocket-sized), with a vertical cardholder slot to keep your cards in place.
  • Reliable OtterBox Protection – Dual material construction absorbs shock and resists drops, plus a raised beveled edge keeps the touchscreen secure.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – The one-piece case is easy to put on and take off.
  • New in non-retail bulk packaging and 100% authentic.

7. Damda Glide Shield wallet case with VRS design

The Damda Glide Shield wallet case from VRS Design is a really beautiful phone case, which I wish came in more colors because of its design. Can you imagine combining a smoky gray version of this S10e card case with the Canary Yellow Galaxy S10e? It would look so cool.

The outside of the case is pretty plain, with a black TPU overlay that adds extra grip and drops protection to the vulnerable corners of your phone. The card slot on the back makes this phone unique as it is made of clear plastic, so you can quickly look at your phone with confidence and know that your valuables are still safe inside.

The only downside to this attractive design is that your credit card number or identifying information is visible from the outside, which can make some feel like your privacy is at risk. You also can’t place a buffer between the cover and your cards, as barely two cards fit.

Until then, it sticks out quite a bit more than you might expect, but the device still supports wireless charging. However, it always feels like an excuse when I say a case could be smaller because even at its size, the Damda Glide Shield is definitely one of the best Galaxy S10e wallet cases for minimalists.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has 2 cards
  • Adhesive texture


  • Limited color options
  • A clear card slot jeopardizes your privacy
  • Bulky design


  • Featuring the latest VRS semi-automatic door opening and closing technology (US Patent D830,352 S)
  • Convenient access to the 2-card storage compartment (credit/debit / ID/driver’s license, etc.) with precise cutout
  • Designed to provide ultimate fall protection with impact-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

8. Ringke wallet compatible with the Galaxy S10e wallet case

While Ringke has long been a competitor in smartphone accessories, the Wallet Fit Case represents a new design that the company debuted for the 10th generation of Samsung smartphones. The case appears to be a version of their Ringke Fusion clear protective case with an attached folio for dual use as a wallet.

The part of the S10e card case that actually covers the phone is made of transparent TPU material, which protects the vulnerable corners and edges of the phone from impact and lets its unique appearance shine.

Clear plastics have the downside of getting dirty and fading over time, but they can last forever if you take care of your stuff normally. The housing has been tested to military-grade drop test standards and has a raised edge to protect the front screen and rear camera matrix from a side drop.

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The folio cover has two card slots and a cash pocket, although Ringke says it can easily fit two cards without stretching the material. The folio case protects your S10e’s screen perfectly in your pocket, although the magnetic closure isn’t as strong as it could be.

Even if this case didn’t have a folio case, it would be a great buy for the price. So all shortcomings taken into account, Ringke Wallet Fit is still a great case for keeping your phone and other valuables safe in transit.


  • Military drop test
  • Has 2 cards plus cash
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Clear plastic fades over time
  • Could be more affectionate
  • Weak magnetic closure


  • The multifunctional case for your phone
  • Best fit
  • Lightweight protection
  • Corner bracket for easy viewing
  • Just the needs

9. Goospery Canvas Denim S10e Journal Wallet Case

This Canvas Diary S10e folio case from Goospery offers a visual new take on the classic wallet phone case. The folio canvas material resists scratches and absorbs impacts from drops just as well as PU leather, if not better, and keeps the case lightweight and generally thin. This case comes in many colors, making it easy to match with any color phone.

The folio case has three card slots and a larger pocket for cash or receipts. However, you can’t get away with carrying more as the magnetic closure on this case is quite weak. The lightweight profile comes in handy when slipping this S10e card case in your pocket or lining up for wireless charging, but those who abuse the technology may be better off with a more protective option.

10. Olixar Slim wallet case

The Olixar Slim Wallet Case doesn’t have any flashy features or designs that make it stand out from the crowd, making it even more suitable for the user who just wants a basic folio case that looks like a wallet. This case benefits from a low price due to the lower quality leather material, but this also means it lacks a bit of impact resistance.

Still, the folio design makes it great for rejecting scratches in your pocket. The front cover holds up to two cards and some cash in a larger pocket, while still closing tightly. Thanks to the slim design, wireless charging through the cover is no problem and this cover can be molded to use as a media display.

Don’t count on this S10e card case to handle big, repetitive falls, but do count on keeping your phone and your favorite payment methods in one place and scratch-free.

Do you really need a case for your Galaxy S10e?

I say this to Samsung engineers: if the S10e is your idea of ​​a “just essential” type of smartphone, then you just don’t know how to make a second-class product. But that’s okay.

Regardless, people love this phone, and many critics call it the sleeper hit of 2019. Defending your S10e with a protective phone case is a no-brainer. A recent NPD study shows that 66 percent of Android phone owners use a protective case, and the number is even high among iOS phone owners.

Conclusion – Why Do You Need Samsung Galaxy S10e Card Case

If you’re wondering why you need a wallet case, consider that wallets can gradually disappear over the next decade.

A 2016 study by the U.S. Federal Reserve System found that the number of annual non-cash payments is growing by a significant percentage year over year. Debit cards have seen the most growth, with 8 percent between 2012 and 2015.

Other options such as credit cards and mobile wallets are also gaining popularity. With Samsung devices natively supporting both Samsung Pay and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, you may not even need a wallet fast enough.

By now, most users can probably get by with a single credit card and ID. We’ve found several Samsung Galaxy S10e card cases that support this configuration, but there are also more robust wallet cases that can hold more than a dozen cards.

This post contains affiliate links. We may earn a commission if you buy through the links.