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Latest iCoverCase for Xiaomi Mi 9 case with Invisible Metal Ring Bracket

Do you need a nice Xiaomi Mi 9 case? Then you should consider this iCoverCase case for Xiaomi Mi 9 with an invisible metal ring holder. If you have questions such as; can this cover protect the screen? Is it a little higher than the screen? Yes, the edge of this case is 0.2mm higher than the phone screen, so it can protect the phone to some extent.

Xiaomi Mi 9 case has zinc alloy material, electroplating process, and luxurious metallic texture. With two rotation modes (150 degrees and 360 degrees), it is perfect for securing and preventing falls, both on the finger and the table.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 case with Invisible Metal Ring Bracket can be used with the car holder. The iron plate with magnetic attraction on the back of the phone case fits perfectly into the car holder. Magnetically attracted metal plates can affect wireless charging. The soft TPU phone case solves this difficulty because it is very easy to remove.

Xiaomi Mi 9 case with high-quality scratch-resistant TPU phone case provides excellent shock absorption. It also gives you a nice stylish touch which is close to the original phone. The high-quality TPU phone case not only provides protection but is also specially designed with heat-dissipating scratches.

This Xiaomi Mi 9 case has a thermal band design which reduces the heat of the cellphone, helps to play the advanced performance of the processor chip, and reduces the aging of the cellphone hardware.

Perfect cuts for speakers, cameras, and other ports. Access to all commands and functions. Pay attention to the model of the phone shell and cellphone for perfect shopping.

This Xiaomi Mi9 cover fits well and is made of sturdy but compliant material. The metal circle adheres very well to the magnetic holder of your car. However, the case has a slight slope around the metal circle and the handle so that the metal handle always stays in place and out of the way.

iCoverCase Xiaomi Mi 9 Case Features:

  • Invisible shackle with ring buckle
  • Precise cuts
  • Thermal strip design
  • Round metal plate magnetically supports
  • High-quality softback cover
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