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Latest ESR Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Case With Kickstand

The phone case fits the Note 20 Ultra perfectly. If you place the mobile phone on a flat surface, the camera will not hit the ground, so don’t worry, as the ESR Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case adequately protects it as it is slightly larger.

The same goes for the windshield. The kickstand holds the ESR Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Case smoothly. The only minor issue I have with the stand is only when you have to push a little harder until you hear a click to make it flush with the box; perhaps it gets easier as time goes by.

I absolutely love it. The fit is perfect on all sides; there is enough trim on the top and bottom of the front to protect the screen and the same on all sides of the rear camera area. The case is so thin that it doesn’t weigh heavy and doesn’t make the phone bulky.

The stand is solid with solid positioning. It does a surprisingly good job of keeping my phone upright. The slightly rubbery texture makes it easy to hold and prevents it from slipping. It is more comfortable to hold than without the case. It is clear, and the color of my phone is shining. This ESR Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra case ENHANCES my phone instead of just covering it.

Only compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (6.9 inches, 2020). Provides better shock protection than hard plastic. Video chat with your friends or watch videos with the portrait and landscape stand. The single stand is freely adjustable up to 60 degrees, giving you the right angle for every situation. The raised screen and camera straps help protect against scratches.


  • Compatibility
  • Strong and flexible
  • Kickstand
  • Screen and camera protection
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