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OPPO One-Touch Phone Case Is The World’s First To Pack UWB For Controlling Smart Home Devices

December 6, 2023

OPPO on the 13th of May, 2021 launched the world’s first smartphone accessory equipped with ultra-wideband (UWB) technology: the OPPO One-Touch Phone Case. Aside from protecting the device, it also has an interesting use case.

Available in a Galaxy Gray color scheme, the mobile case features a hand-felt paint finish that provides a delicate and smooth feel. Equipped with UWB, it improves the spatial perception of the smartphone through functional modularity.

With the one-key identity sticker, the one-key connection and real-time control of smart home devices can be implemented. The one key ID sticker is available in two colors and made from two materials.

The sticker has a hidden indicator light that serves as a message for the switching status. There is also a USB Type-C interface to make charging easy and convenient. In addition, the magnetic design allows the user to easily attach identification stickers to smart home devices.

The product supports three modes: Switch, Control Card, and Startup. All the user has to do is point the phone at the device to be controlled and then double-click on the back to complete the activation action.

The switch-mode can enable or disable the specified device, while the control card mode will bring up the operation page for this device with more functions to choose from. Scene mode outputs a preset profile. The use of the latter mode is very interesting because it can be used in different situations, for example, to turn off all devices when you leave the house.

Ultra-Broadband (UWB) is a wireless technology with several advantages over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It offers precise positioning, wide application, low power consumption, and low interference. OPPO UWB space detection technology uses a high-precision side antenna array on the mobile phone side and a microstrip antenna with low cross-polarization on the side of the identity sticker to achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy, ± 3 ° measurement accuracy, and a usability distance of up to 15 meters to achieve.

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