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List of Best 5 Oneplus 8 Pro Cases You Can Trust in 2020

December 6, 2023

Should you get one of the best OnePlus 8 pro cases to protect your OnePlus 8 Pro? Yes, there shouldn’t be a debate on that. OnePlus 8 Pro is one of the best smartphones this year, so you should consider protecting your OnePlus 8 pro.

Updating your phone to the Oneplus 8 pro phone released in April 2020 would be an incredible thing but maintaining its new stunning looks is even better. As it is with most smartphones, the Oneplus 8 Pro comes in a sleek design with AMOLED technology and its screen is extra sensitive but fragile.

You don’t have to worry about having to be extra cautious every time you need to use your phone. In this article, we will be listing some of the most unique phone cases for your Oneplus 8 pro. These OnePlus 8 pro cases will make sure that your phone is safe from damages in case it drops which is inevitable.

Spigen Tough Armor for Oneplus 8 Pro Case – Best OnePlus 8 Pro Cases

Thinking of the best OnePlus 8 pro cases, Spigen OnePlus 8 pro case is the number on our list. As always, Spigen never disappoints. This time, the brand has designed the ultimate protection for your phone to prevent it from scratching and cracking while making it more comfortable and efficient for you. You don’t have to worry about losing the admirable qualities that you fell for. Your lenses and the screen are safe from cracking, and you can charge your phone with the case one.


  • Kickstand
  • Precise cutouts
  • Raised edged
  • Anti-shock Air cushion
  • TPU and Polycarbonate material


  • Precise cutouts allow you to charge your phone and access buttons and other ports without compromising the safety of your phone.
  • The TPU and PC materials give the case anti-scratch and impact resistant properties.
  • Raised edges keep your lenses and screen safe from drops that may result in cracking.
  • The built-in kickstand fits perfectly into the case and allows you to watch your videos without straining your arm.


  • The case does not come with an in-built screen protector. If you are worried the raised edges are not enough to protect your screen, you would have to get a screen protector separately.

Poetic Guardian with in-built screen protector

If you are tired of the feeling that comes with dropping your phone and hoping the screen doesn’t break, worry no more. With the Guardian series by Poetic, you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone, leave alone breaking the screen. The case comes in a rugged cover with bumpers to assist you to take a sturdy grip and prevent destruction in case you drop the phone. You can rest assured that both the body and the screen will get the best protection. With Poetic OnePlus 8 Pro case with screen protector is the #2 on our list of top OnePlus 8 pro cases you can buy.

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  • TPU and PC material
  • Additional front frame
  • Scratch-resistant clear back cover
  • Shockproof
  • Raised edges
  • Passed Military Drop test


  • The TPU material gives your phone shock absorbent and anti-slip properties allowing you to take a firm grip.
  • The clear back cover exposes the beautiful colors of your phone while protecting it from destruction.
  • The rugged cover is heavy duty and designed to give your phone all-round protection.
  • The extra front frame allows you to protect your screen without having to use the screen protector.
  • The raised edges protect the body, cameras, and the screen from getting destroyed.


  • The cover does not have a kickstand if you like cozy watching.

Sucnakp Heavy Duty for Oneplus 8 Pro Case

Sucnakp Heavy Duty Case is the ultimate protection you can give your phone from impact, drops, and bumps. While the case assures you maximum protection, it gives you easy access to buttons and ports. You don’t have to compromise the efficiency of your phone while protecting it or vice versa. You can have it all with the Sucnakp HD case.

Should you purchase one online and happen not to like it, which is rare, you can get assured to receive a total refund within 24 hours of launching the complaint. It has raised edges and cutouts to protect your screen and cameras from getting destroyed by impact or drops. You can get new black, new Gray, or New blue OnePlus 8 pro cases depending on your preferences.


  • Exact cutouts
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Shockproof
  • Easy to access buttons
  • Raised edges
  • Impact-resistant TPU material
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  • The case is a perfect fit for your phone.
  • You get to charge your phone, connect your pair of headphones easily with the case on.
  • You can relax about destroying your phone if you have a handy lifestyle the case got your back with its heavy-duty, bump, and impact resistant cover.


  • It lacks a kickstand and a screen guard.

Olixar Heavy Duty with Screen protector – Best OnePlus 8 pro cases

Another OnePlus 8 Pro case with Screen Protector on our list of best OnePlus 8 pro cases is Olixar Heavy Duty with screen protector designed for OnePlus 8 pro. Replacing your screen because you broke it does not always end well.

Sometimes you lose the sensitivity with your original screen. Protecting your screen with a quality protector is way cheaper than having to replace it. Olixar Heavy Duty case protects both the body and the screen from impact, drops, and scratches. The case is sturdy due to its dual-layer rugged cover. It supports wireless charging and has perfect cutouts for cabled charging and connecting other accessories.


  • Dual-layer
  • Shockproof
  • Glass screen protector
  • Wireless charging
  • Cutouts


  • The case is a hybrid of TPU, Silicone, and PC, giving your phone superior protection from scratches, drops, and bumps.
  • You can charge your phone wirelessly with the armor.
  • It has cutouts for easy access to buttons, cameras, and ports.


  • It does not have a kickstand and not compatible with Oneplus 8 phones.

SUPCASE Hybrid protective case

SUPCASE is another big brand in designing protective OnePlus 8 pro phone cases. SUPCASE never disappoints and this year they have designed a hybrid case to give your OnePlus 8 Pro phone the best protection. If you like enhancing the original looks of your phone this is the case you should get. It has a clear back cover which enhances the stunning looks of your phone while giving it the best protection from bumps, impact, and scratches. This SUPCASE hybrid is one of the best OnePlus 8 pro cases you should consider having for your phone if you want clear case for OnePlus 8 Pro.

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  • Beveled corners, edges, and bezels
  • PC back
  • TPU Bumper
  • Exact Cutouts
  • Clear back cover
  • Sleek design


  • The case has a hardcover that protects the body from destruction.
  • The raised edges prevent the breaking of lenses and screen.
  • The design is sleek to allow you to carry your phone in your pocket without looking bulky.
  • The cutouts are precise to allow you to access the buttons and ports without trouble.


  • The case is only available in Black color. If you like playing around with colors this might not be the best case for you.

Conclusion – OnePlus 8 pro cases

In conclusion, there are a variety of cases for your Oneplus 8 Pro phone and the inconveniences you seek to avoid should guide you when selecting the best. If you can get a case with all the desirable features then go for it. Getting extra accessories separately might be expensive. While the best OnePlus 8 pro cases might seem expensive, that’s nothing compared to replacing a broken screen. You should protect your phone with OnePlus 8 pro cases and avoid spending a hefty price on repairing your phone screen later.

Are we missing out on any phone case which you think should be on our list of best OnePlus 8 pro cases? Feel free to tell us.


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