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List Of The Best Xiaomi Mi 9 Cases You Can Buy

December 6, 2023

If you are using a Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone you need to protect your phone, the best way to protect it is to use the best Xiaomi Mi 9 case. The Mi 9 is Xiaomi’s first smartphone to integrate Qualcomm’s latest chipset – the Snapdragon 855. Like the Mi 8, the Mi 9 uses the dual-glass sandwich design with a metal frame sandwiched between two sheets of Gorilla glass. The AMOLED screen has gotten bigger, while the notch and bezels have shrunk. And now there is a fingerprint sensor below the display on all versions, previously only available on the Mi 8 Pro.

However, as with any other smartphone, it is important to protect this phone from bumps and falls. To help you with that, here’s a rundown of some of the best Xiaomi Mi 9 cases and covers you can buy!

List Of The Best Xiaomi Mi 9 Cases You Can Buy

Xiaomi Mi 9 Spigen case for ultimate protection

If you are looking for one of the best protective cases for your Xiaomi Mi 9 phone, this Xiaomi Mi 9 Spigen case is what you need. There are many reasons to buy the Spigen Xiaomi Mi 9 case. Some people buy it to protect their phone from scratches or slips and drops, to prevent the Mi 9’s screen from breaking. While some people buy a phone case to add beauty to their phones.

But you buy for all the reasons mentioned above, then this Spigen Rugged Armor case designed for Xiaomi Mi 9 has it all. The Classic Rugged Armor series is now available for the new Xiaomi Mi 9. Stylishly packaged, the signature look remains unchanged with a matte black finish and carbon fiber accents.

Air Cushion technology is integrated into all corners for extra protection against drops, while raised edges provide better screen protection. Wrap the new Xiaomi Mi 9 in sturdy armor for the perfect balance of defense and class. The Xiaomi Mi 9 Spigen case fits just as well as the original case but feels a lot better. Thicker and significantly better camera coverage and grip.

By using it well with a screen protector. The camera cutout is surrounded by a small dent to prevent the camera from coming out. It’s pretty subtle, it doesn’t bother me like some of the reviews. Unfortunately, this only clears the camera about 1mm, so it’s still very easy to hit the camera. The other cuts are well aligned. The Xiaomi Mi 9 Spigen case is doing fine and the phone is still quite thin.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Spigen case

  • Resilient shock absorption and carbon fiber design
  • Flexible TPU cover with inner spider web pattern and raised lip to protect the screen
  • Air cushion technology for shock absorption
  • Tactile buttons for solid feedback and easy pressing

iCovercase Case For Xiaomi Mi 9 With Invisible Metal Ring Holder

Do you need a nice Xiaomi Mi 9 case? Then consider this iCoverCase case for Xiaomi Mi 9 with an invisible metal ring holder. If you have questions such as; can this cover protect the screen? Is it slightly higher than the screen? Yes, the edge of this case is 0.2mm higher than the phone screen, so it can protect the phone to some extent.

Xiaomi Mi 9 case has zinc alloy material, electroplating process, and luxurious metal texture. With two rotation modes (150 degrees and 360 degrees) it is perfect for securing and preventing falls, whether on the finger or the table.

Xiaomi Mi 9 case with an invisible metal ring holder can be used with the card holder. The iron plate with magnetic attraction on the back of the phone case fits perfectly into the car holder. Magnetically attracted metal plates can affect wireless charging. The soft TPU phone case solves this difficulty as it is very easy to remove.

Xiaomi Mi 9 case with high-quality scratch-resistant TPU phone cover provides excellent shock absorption. It also gives you a nice stylish touch that is close to the original phone. The high-quality TPU phone case not only provides protection but is also specially designed with heat-dissipating scratches.

This Xiaomi Mi 9 case has a thermal band design that reduces the heat of the mobile phone, helps to play the advanced processor chip performance, and reduces the aging of the mobile phone hardware.

Perfect cuts for speakers, cameras, and other ports. Access to all commands and functions. Pay attention to the phone case and mobile phone model to shop perfectly.

This Xiaomi Mi9 case fits well and is made of sturdy but compliant material. The metal circle adheres very well to your car’s magnetic mount. However, the case has a slight slope around the metal circle and handle so that the metal handle always stays in place and out of the way.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi 9 iCoverCase case:

  • Invisible closure with ring buckle
  • Precise cuts
  • Thermal strip design
  • A round metal plate supports magnetically
  • High-quality softcover

MYLBOO Xiaomi Mi 9 case

Another on our list of the 10 best cases for Xiaomi Mi 9 is the MYLBOO case. Designed specifically for the Mi 9, it comes in a handful of designs and colors. All buttons are easily accessible and the unique 3 in 1 matte design is a feast for the eyes. For under $ 10, it doesn’t get much better than this.

A custom thin and light cover and Ultra Clear HD screen protector for Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite. Xiaomi Mi 9 Protective TPU Case is made of high quality and easy to care for TPU material, very light and does not affect the use of mobile phones, no annoying smell of rubber.

Ultra Clear HD screen protectors provide crystal clear clarity with high sensitivity. With a hardness of 9H, only 0.33mm thick, MYLBOO Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite case is resistant to scratches, oil, dust, shock, and fingerprints. 360-degree protection against dirt, scratches, dust, shock, and slipping of the hand. Easy to use and install, no tools required.


  • High-quality material.
  • Perfect protection.
  • Easy to use.

Cheap Pegoo Xiaomi Mi 9 Case With Shockproof

If you need an affordable or even the cheapest Xiaomi Mi 9 case that does what it promises, then this Xiaomi Mi 9 standard and shock-resistant cover are what you need to do. The sturdy TPU inner cover holds your phone securely and absorbs shock and impact

It can be attracted to a magnetic car holder. The metal plate can be well attached to the magnetic car phone holder, giving you a safe driving experience. (Magnetic car holder is not included)

The built-in folding stand lets you watch movies and videos hands-free without the hassle. This case has a precise cut and design; easy access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras, and all phone functions

Features of the PEGOO Xiaomi Mi 9 case:

  • Easy to install, remove and access all functions of your mobile phone
  • Hybrid PC and soft TPU cover, glossy surface, good feeling, cut to phone size, provide full protection for your phone.
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 case, a two-layer design with superior shock absorption and scratch resistance, compact design, stylish and stylish.
  • The built-in folding stand provides great convenience for watching videos, reading, etc.
  • Magnetic Sucker: It can be attracted to the magnetic car phone holder, which makes driving easier. (excluding car phone holder)
  • Against unwanted bumps, scratches, bruises, or stains.

Crystal Clear Xiaomi Mi 9 Case With Shockproof Protection

If you are a fan of transparent cases, you should consider protecting your Xiaomi Mi 9 with the beautiful phone case. This crystal clear Xiaomi Mi 9 case is one of the best Xiaomi Mi 9 cases in the transparent category that you can get on Amazon.

This transparent case for Xiaomi Mi 9 has a 360 ° ring holder; The stand can be rotated 360 ° for personal comfort, hands-free use and provides optimal viewing position. It can be installed directly into a magnetic car mounting bracket without any complicated installation. (The car holder is not included)

The manufacturer of this crystal-clear Xiaomi Mi 9 case uses galvanic technology, it does not fade. Soft, comfortable touch provides extreme drop protection and scratch resistance.

The transparent case for Xiaomi Mi 9 is thin and light; It is made of high-quality silicone, adding minimal bulk to your phone and providing shock absorption and scratch protection.

Features of the Crystal Clear Xiaomi Mi 9 case

  • 360 ° ring support
  • The metal ring in the middle
  • Transparent crystal
  • Thin and light


This completes our list of the 10 best cases for Xiaomi Mi 9. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is a great smartphone and these cases should be more than enough to keep it protected and stylish. Remember, you can get any Xiaomi phone case listed in this article from Amazon by clicking the Check Price button. We can earn a bonus if you buy through these buttons. Thanks and stay tuned for more.

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