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New SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle S9 Plus Case With Built-In Screen Protector

This SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle S9 Plus case has a built-in screen protector for an extra layer of padding. Reviewers at Amazon call this case ‘sturdy’, ‘easy to install’, and even ‘perfect’.

Unicorn Beetle Pro is the protective solution for your Samsung Galaxy S9 + Plus (this case is not compatible with Galaxy S8 / S8 + / S9 smartphones). The UB Pro Case is our top-rated and best-selling case for a reason, and that’s why it’s top of the line drop protection, premium materials, a built-in screen protector, side grips – all without interfering with the S9 Plus’s features or functions.

Not to mention a detachable hands-free rotatable holster. The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle S9 Plus case is made of robust polycarbonate and gives you more than confidence in the safety of your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. 360 degrees of total protection

It has a double-layer shock-resistant shell with a hard polycarbonate shell and flexible TPU bumpers. The built-in screen protector protects delicate glass displays from scratches without compromising touch sensitivity.

Detachable, rotatable holster with belt clip for easy hands-free and bag-free carrying. Sporty design and many color options.

Dropped, thrown, and run over by muscle cars, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle S9 Plus case offers proven mobile protection for the whole body with every step.

With 360 ° flexible TPU polycarbonate, a built-in kickstand, and comprehensive protection against dust, dirt, and moisture, this is the ultimate mobile defense.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle S9 Plus Case Features:

  • Double layer fall protection
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Rotatable holster with belt clip
  • Compatible with wireless charging