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Pulen Case For Samsung Galaxy A12 5G With Camera Screen Protector

If you want to protect your latest Samsung A12 5G phone, you need this Pulen Case For Samsung Galaxy A12  5G. This case is designed for the Samsung Galaxy A12 5G. The fit is high so don’t worry, the size is not appropriate.

The black TPU Pulen case for Samsung Galaxy A12 is made of the best materials, thin and light. Easy to install and quick to disassemble without wear. The black design is more suited to your needs in terms of tranquility and temperament.

Open mold production in the ratio 1: 1, perfect for the Samsung Galaxy A12 5G camera and all buttons, speakers, connections. The tactile knobs give you the original controls for a response.

The overhead bezel protects the screen and camera. The colored flexible rubber inner frame provides an extra cushion that absorbs bumps and bruises to protect the phone from sudden drops.

The Pulen case for Samsung Galaxy A12 feature:

  • The soft and flexible TPU material provides a comfortable case that fits around your phone like a glove, giving you a soft grip and well-thought-out protection. Resistant to dirt, stains and is anti-static and anti-slip
  • The exclusive design makes it easy to put your phone in and out. Fitted cutouts provide easy access to all ports and buttons without removing the case.
  • TPU material-TPU black. More handles protect you from your clumsy hand, and a raised edge protects your screen from scratches if you insert it or if you drop it.
  • Package Includes: 1 Pack of Black TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy A12 5G Case