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Pretty Official Samsung S10 Case With Standing Cover

The Official Samsung S10 Case is designed to provide general day-to-day protection against everyday damage, and while it’s not the most protective cover, it does well against most hazards. The case’s unique selling point is the double kickstand that runs down the back of the case.

In this Official Samsung S10 Case, there are two stands and the length differences allow you to place your phone at slightly different angles to suit your needs. The back texture is comfortable, but the material is a bit slippery, and we’re concerned it could be as slippery as the S10’s glass when handling gloves or wet. The unique double standard is a win and works well.

The Galaxy S10 case is made of durable materials, the protective standing cover provides excellent protection that helps prevent falls and damage. Take advantage of the stunning Infinity-O display with two stands that hold the phone horizontally to transmit movies and live streams

This official protective case is designed to provide optimal protection for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and offers certified military-grade drop protection. Thanks to the bumper design, the Galaxy S10 does not create unnecessary bulk – keeping your phone as thin and light as it was originally designed

Thanks to the structured touch surface of the Official Samsung S10 Case, which provides extra grip, you can be sure that your phone stays in your hand during text messages.

Features of Official Samsung S10 Case:

  • Military-class drop protection for the Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Keeps your phone thin and light
  • The textured surface provides grip
  • You have easy access to all ports, controls, and connectors