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New OtterBox Commuter iPhone XS and X Case for Protection

Protect your iPhone Xs when traveling with the Otterbox commuter iPhone xs case. The Commuter case is designed to be slim and easy to use in your pocket while protecting against damage. This otterbox iPhone xs has double layer protection with its inner layer of soft synthetic rubber, while the outer layer is a hard polycarbonate shell. Together they aim to deflect and absorb shocks, such as drops and accidental drops.

The Otterbox commuter iPhone xs case provides extra protection for your iPhone, covering it to block out dirt, dust, and even lint. Also, the slim design of this case allows you to easily place and remove your Xs from your pocket or bag on the go.

This Otterbox commuter iPhone xs is great! Sleek, but looks protective. It has a “lip” that covers the phone screen, so if you drop it, the case hits the ground first and not the screen. You won’t have any problem with it, not even a fitting problem, it fits the X perfectly with no bulges or button alignment issues.

Thin, lightweight 2-piece otterbox iPhone xs case protects against drops, bumps, and shock (port covers block entry of dust and debris)

Features Of Otterbox Commuter iPhone XS

  • Double layer protection
  • Hard polycarbonate outer layer
  • Soft synthetic rubber inner layer
  • The door covers up dirt and dust
  • Slim, pocket-sized design