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New Spigen Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy M31 

This rugged case from Spigen allows you to keep your phone functional, without all that extra bulk. The Samsung Galaxy M31 case can provide your phone with maximum protection with Air Cushion technology to absorb shock while remaining slim. It is built with TPU. The excellent materials give this phone case an excellent life. The strong adsorption force is durable and does not fall off easily.

This simple and elegant protective case is made of soft material, with a good cushioning effect, it provides excellent protection for daily use, drops, bumps and scratches, and is resistant to tears and dust accumulation. This rugged case not only protects your phone but also vividly represents the style of your Samsung Galaxy M31 phone. Another impressive feature of this protective case from Spigen is that all buttons and interfaces are easy to use to avoid frequent disassembly.

In addition, thanks to the perfect cut-outs for the speakers, camera, and charging opening, you have easy access to all functions and can easily charge your phone without removing the case. Also, the slim and sturdy case is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about dirt under the case. This durable protective case for the Samsung Galaxy M31 protects your phone in the best possible way. At the same time, it makes it easy to keep your phone in your pocket and not hang it on your clothes when you want to take it out.

Features of the Spigen Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy M31

  • Durable, lightweight and pocket-friendly
  • Carbon fiber design and robust shock absorption
  • Flexible TPU cover with spider web pattern on the inside and a raised edge to protect the screen
  • Air cushion technology for shock absorption
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy M31