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Latest iPhone 6s Plus Phone Case by Speck CandyShell

Great iPhone 6s plus phone case, protects my phone very well and I really like how much it sticks out of the sides to protect the screen. If you place the phone on your screen on a flat surface with this case on it, there will be a gap of about 2mm between the surface you placed it on and the phone screen.

This means that if you drop your phone or place it on a driveway, sidewalk, or another surface, your screen with this case has a much better chance of surviving.

The iPhone six plus is great. You can’t really hand-pack it like you would a smaller phone, and to make matters worse, Apple apparently made it with Teflon. Without a case, you drop it. The main reason for getting the iPhone 6s plus phone case was to give it a grip so it wouldn’t fall out of my hand or pocket.

Military-grade drop test on a hard and unforgiving surface with the phone retaining full functionality. The patented design provides two layers of protection in a one-piece construction that is easy to put on and take off.

Hard outer shell protects against impact and adds strength and durability; Rubber stripes provide a non-slip grip, ideal for taking photos. CandyShell Grip is the perfect case for your iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus.

With the proprietary CandyShell protection and the addition of non-slip handles, this stylish iPhone 6s plus phone case is perfect for taking photos, playing games, holding a conference call. CandyShell Grip ridges run along the back and sides for an ideal grip for taking photos, as well as one- or two-handed texting, gaming, video recording, and more.

The raised bezel protects the screen from impact and provides extra grip, so your phone can be placed face down on tables or counters without slipping. Rubber covers protect the volume and power buttons while remaining fully accessible. This is one of the best iPhone 6s cases Amazon you should buy.

Features of Speck CandyShell iPhone 6s Plus Phone Case:

  • It is difficult
  • Is closed
  • Is affectionate
  • He is handsome
  • Protect that REALLY STUPID doorbell button
  • Is affordable
  • It houses a Qi charge receptor.
  • Protect the camera.