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Latest ESR Clear Case for Samsung S21 With KickStand

This new Samsung Galaxy S21 will cost no less than 800 Dollars, with that high price. The smartest decision you must make is to use ESR Clear Case for Samsung S21 with a metal stand.

There are many reasons to use a protective case for your new Samsung S21, maybe you want to protect it from slips and falls, or you want to protect your phone from scratches. No matter your reasons, buying ESR clear case for Samsung S21 is your best bet.

So why should you choose this ESR Clear Case? It has a clear view design and Kickstand to aid you while watching your favorite movies. If you want to improve the protection of your phone, we recommend that you buy a screen protector. The powerful flexible polymer gives the Samsung Galaxy S21 better impact protection than hard plastic.

The case looks great and clear to better show off the Samsung Galaxy S21’s beautiful design. Robust and very durable. It feels great to hold onto what is most important to me.

The unique stand is freely adjustable up to 60 degrees, giving the Samsung Galaxy S21 the right angle for every situation. The ESR Clear Samsung S21 Case has raised edges that protect the Samsung Galaxy S21 screen and camera against drops and scratches.

The metal stand is made of aluminum alloy and is non-magnetic. As such, it cannot be used with a magnetic holder for car vents. However, this ensures that the case remains lightweight and can be used with wireless charging.

Does this ESR clear case for Samsung S21 still support wireless charging? Yes. Do not allow the metal stand to touch the center of the charging pad as this may interfere with wireless charging.

ESR Clear Case For Samsung S21:

  • Crystal clear
  • Metal support
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Affordable
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