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How To Keep Your Phone In Good Condition – 7 Useful Tips

December 6, 2023

How To Keep Your Phone In Good Condition? Smartphones are extremely fragile, high-tech devices that cost hundreds of dollars, but you wouldn’t believe it with so many people around their devices. It’s more likely that someone will rock a broken screen than a completely pristine phone.

However, it is worth taking good care of your smartphone. You’ll pay less for repairs and enjoy them more in the short term, and get more money when you upgrade!

So here are some ways you can keep your phone in the best possible condition.

Buy a case

Design teams spend weeks, months, and even years perfecting the look of a smartphone, so it seems a waste to put it in a case.

However, you won’t regret it if your phone survives a nasty fall. Plus, many cases look just as good (if not better) than the original design anyway!

Don’t fall into the trap of buying the cheapest home. Good shock absorption is just as important as appearance!

Carry It Separately

Carrying your phone in the same pocket or pocket as your keys can cause scratches, while other heavy objects can cause dents. Store your phone in a separate bag or pocket to avoid accidental damage!

Watch out for the battery

Batteries lose capacity over time, with the average lithium-ion battery lasting between 300 and 500 charge cycles.

However, you can also extend your battery life. Research from Battery University suggests that the 300-500 number really only applies if you’re charging your phone from 0-100%, which is a “full discharge cycle.” Charging your phone in short bursts and keeping it charged between 40 and 80% can significantly extend your battery life.

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You should also unplug your phone when it reaches 100% as “trickle charge” to charge can consume the battery.

Don’t take your cell phone to the bathroom

The bathrooms are not only dirty, but they are also full of water. The potential dangers are many: You could drop it in the sink, fall in the shower, or worst of all, drop it in the toilet. Steam from the shower can also damage your appliance!

In short, never a bathroom.

Clean It

Even if you don’t use your phone in the bathroom, it can pick up a lot of germs during its adventures.

This Buzzfeed post has some great advice on cleaning your phone, which boils down to this: don’t use antibacterial wipes, use a homemade alcohol solution and a lint-free cloth, and only clean it once a week. If your transparent case is dirty, check how to lean it here.

Do not download unauthorized apps

The world of apps outside the App Store and Google Play is like the Wild West; There are some good guys, but there are also a lot of bad guys. Our recommendation: If an app doesn’t seem 100% reliable, don’t download it – it could be full of malware.

Also, stay tuned in the App Store and Google Play. While both are well monitored, compromised apps have slipped through in the past. Again, avoid anything that doesn’t seem completely reliable.

Keep It Cool

Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can damage your phone. Heat is especially bad because high temperatures damage the screen, internal components, and the battery.

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The solution is simple: do not expose your phone to sunlight or high temperatures. If your phone feels warm while charging, try taking it out of the case.

Conclusion – How To Keep Your Phone In Good Condition

So, keeping your phone in good condition doesn’t take much effort from you, follow all the how to keep your phone in good condition tips mentioned above to help your phone stay new always.

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