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5 Best Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 11 on Amazon

December 6, 2023

For protection and privacy, iPhone 11 must first own Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 11. If you have an iPhone 11, you must protect the screen to avoid damage to the iPhone 11 screen. So, here are the 5 best private screen protectors for iPhone 11 that you can use to protect your phone screen.

JETech Private Screen Protector for iPhone 11, Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Film, 2 Pack

Specially designed for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR (6.1-inch); Fits perfectly on your screen and offers good protection for your iPhone. (NOTE: Due to the rounded edge of the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, the screen protector does NOT cover the entire screen, but only the flat part)

The screen is only visible to people directly in front of the screen; Effectively protects your personal privacy

Made of premium ultra-thin (0.33mm) tempered glass; Scratch resistant up to 9H

Dust-free, fingerprint-free, bubble-free, and envelope-proof with an open-edge design

The set includes: tempered glass screen protector *2, screen cleaning kit *2, instructions, customer service card

YMHML Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 11 – Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Bubble

The screen is only visible to people directly in front of the screen. Keep your information invisible to other people.

YMHML privacy glass is made of high-quality transparent premium tempered glass and is much clearer than other privacy screens.

0.33mm ultra-thin glass with rounded corners, high-resolution design, and very fast response. Don’t forget to go to settings – touch sensitivity – and enable touch sensitivity

Your screen protects your phone screen from scratches and other external damage. It is easier to clean and effectively protects against dirt, dust, oil, and sweat.

BAZO 2 Pack Private Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11 with 2 Camera Lens Protectors

BAZO Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 11 is specially designed for iPhone 11 (6.1 inches), pack of 2 packs of tempered glass Anti Spy Privacy screen protectors, 2 packs of camera lens protectors, and easy mounting frame

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This super durable camera for iPhone 11 (6.1 inches) with 9H hardness lens protection and screen projector consistently protects your screen from scratches, scrapes, and shocks.

The screen is only visible to people directly in front of the screen and does not affect the power supply. Privacy screen Keep all your personal information away from the eyes of strangers around you.

Installation tools included. Both are very easy to install yourself. Bubble-free and full coverage. You can also go directly to the installation video on the web.

Maximum mobile coverage without interfering with the phone case. The ultra-durable camera and screen protector are case-friendly for your iPhone 11. There is extra room around the edges to wrap your case around the edges of the phone.

UniqueMe Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 11 with Camera Lens Protection and Anti-Spy

It has 2 packs of iPhone 11 privacy screen protection and 2 packs of iPhone 11 camera lens protection. Provide maximum protection. The unique night scene design does not affect the flash photo function.

The screen is only visible to people directly in front of the screen. Effectively protects your personal privacy. The screen does not decrease in sharpness and is 100% bubble-free. The power consumption is the same as with transparent screen protectors.

Syncwire Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 11

Syncwire screen protectors come with 3 years of support. If there are cracks and air bubbles on your screen protector, or even in the case of orders placed incorrectly, you can contact us to get a replacement.

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This Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 11 can effectively protect your privacy from people near you who can peek in both directions from any angle over 45 degrees. The screen is still directly visible at angles below 45 degrees. (Note: The privacy cover makes the screen a little darker, so turn up the brightness of your iPhone display 10-20% for better viewing during use.)

It will not blur your front camera. In addition, it does NOT interfere with Face ID. Use your favorite phone case and protect your screen at the same time!

This iPhone 11 / iPhone XR screen protector is 6 times stronger than regular tempered glass and can withstand the impact of a 22lb steel ball dropped from a height of 3ft. This 9H Hardness Screen Protector protects your screen from scratches by keys, coins, or even pocket knives.

The package includes a screen alignment guide frame, 3x wet wipes, 3x dust removal stickers, and 3x guide stickers. You can apply the screen protector perfectly without any experience.

Why is the screen protector smaller than my iPhone’s screen?

The screen protector is designed to be smaller than the actual screen to prevent bubbling and peeling at the edges. This particular design provides adequate protection for the entire active area of ​​the iPhone’s screen and is fully compatible with all iPhone cases.

Why Do You Need A Privacy Screen Protector For Your iPhone 11

With all the new features it has, it may not have been responsible for our current pandemic situation where face masks are the norm. And without a fingerprint scanner, you use your PIN again to unlock your phone. And since we now do almost everything on our phones, here’s another reason for you to get a privacy screen protector for your iPhone 11.

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Privacy for your protection

Now you don’t want to be prying eyes at your phone, exposing your PIN, passwords, account information, and so on. Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 11 provides your phone with end-to-end coverage of protection with its two-way filter. Your phone’s screen is protected from the sides, while the ultra-thin profile gives you the same crystal-clear view you want and the touch performance you deserve.

Protection for your phone

This Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 11 not only protects your credentials but also protects your phone’s screen from cracks and scratches. With its ultra-hard 9H protection, it absorbs shocks up to 9 times stronger than an unprotected screen. It also lets you enjoy your beautiful screen with its anti-smudge and fingerprint coating.

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