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10 Best Nintendo Switch Protective Cases to Buy in 2022

December 6, 2023

Best Nintendo Switch Protective Case: Nintendo Switch is one of the most versatile and portable game consoles ever released. The portability of the Nintendo Switch allows us to play console-worthy games on the fly, which wasn’t possible before.

However, this portability also brings with it several problems. Since Nintendo doesn’t include a carrying case with its Switch console, it’s quite difficult to carry the Switch without fear of damaging it. The plastic construction doesn’t inspire much confidence either. If you plan to take your Switch everywhere, you need a good case to protect it from damage. Luckily, there are a lot of really good cases and covers for Switch on the market. So before you toss your Switch straight into your backpack, check out these 10 best Nintendo Switch Protective Case to buy in 2022.

Best Nintendo Switch Protective Case In 2022

If you also own the Nintendo Switch Lite, don’t forget to check out our collection of cases and accessories:

With that out of the way, let’s look at some best Nintendo Switch Protective cases and covers, shall we?

1. Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

This is one of the best travel cases you can buy for your Nintendo Switch. The case features a hard shell structure that protects your Switch from damage when dropped and dropped. The inside of the case features a padded divider that protects the Switch’s screen from scratches. The case also comes with two playing card sleeves (each can hold four) and an integrated zippered mesh pocket that can hold extra playing cards.

It also comes with two micro SD card holders, each capable of holding two separate cards. This means you can wear your games however you like. The case also comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, red, and more. As I mentioned earlier, this is one of the best travel cases for Nintendo Switch that you can buy.


  • The sleek ballistic nylon case protects your Nintendo Switch OLED Console or Switch Console, making it more portable and travel-friendly
  • The adjustable viewing stand allows you to the game and watches on the go while providing maximum screen and thumbstick protection when storing the Switch OLED or Switch Console
  • Bonus game cases allow you to store up to 8 games secured in a recessed area underneath the Switch OLED console, making it a great travel and storage case
  • Perfect Switch OLED carrying case with a comfortable grip, soft satin lining on the top, and smooth zipper making it the most beautiful Nintendo Switch case
  • Tested and Licensed by Nintendo of America Compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite Check out all Game Traveler Switch cases in our Amazon store

Buy on Amazon: ($17.57)

2. Mumba Nintendo Switch Case

A carrying case is necessary to protect your Switch from damage when traveling, but what about when you use it? You can’t use your switch while it’s in a case, you have to take it out. In scenarios like this, a protective case is just the thing, and this offering from Mumba is pretty good. The outer layer of the case is made of hard polycarbonate, while the inner layer is lined with soft TPU material.

The 3-switch combo protects your switch by absorbing the shocks. The best Nintendo Switch Protective Case also has an ergonomic handle that reduces the chance of falling in the first place. If you are looking for a case that can protect you during use, this is one of the best Nintendo Switch cases you can get.


  • Specially designed for Nintendo Switch (2017)
  • The grip case is made of flexible TPU to fully protect the device and protect against everyday bumps, scratches, dust, and fingerprints
  • Ergonomically designed handle housing makes playing more comfortable
  • Enjoy easy access to all controls and features without removing the Nintendo Switch from the grip
  • The carrying case is compatible with Mumba carrying case for Nintendo Switch (sold separately on Amazon)

Buy on Amazon: ($15.99)

3. Findway Nintendo Switch crystal clear case

If you are a fan of clear cases, you will love this one. The case is made of transparent TPU material and feels very flexible and soft. This means that this best Nintendo Switch Protective Case can only protect your Switch from minor drops, scratches, and scrapes. However, this compromise also has an advantage. The case has a three-piece design, just like the Switch, which means you get separate cases for your console and Joy-Cons.

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That way you don’t lose the flexibility of Switch. Despite being a flexible cover, it has reinforced corners to enhance protection. But even if it wasn’t, I just love this case because it’s just as versatile as the Switch and is one of my favorite Nintendo Switch cases out there.


  • Special Design, High Transparency, Lightweight – Detachable switch housings provide full protection and easy access to all valuable cutouts and buttons. The corners are protected with Air Cushion Technology, which absorbs all the shocks of everyday shocks. High transparency preserves the original appearance of a switch. A three-piece cover is removable for both the console and JoyCons, which is more convenient than any other one-piece cover on the market.
  • [SAFE ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL – Made of German imported TPU material, safe and environmentally friendly, which is widely used in Nick Sole, car film, such as Benz, BMW. With high flexibility and toughness to the knocks of your switch, it will not deform after being lifted several times. The transparent properties must retain the design character.
  • 3 PIECE CASE – There are 3 cases for both the console and the JoyCons. You can take the switch cover as a whole. It can also protect the JoyCons separately from friends. All cutouts are easily accessible for all ports and buttons. It is shock resistant and has an anti-shock bumper, which protects the switch very well against drops, drops, and dust. The 4-point rear protection protects it from scratches.
  • ANTI-SHOCK, FALLING, TOUCH TEST – Through hundreds of anti-shock tests, drop tests, and touch tests, we use 4-point back protection to keep stable. The TPU material had a comfortable feel of soft and smooth transparent visual feeling. The trunk bumper can also prevent the trunk from being turned off and protect against falling. This allows our switch case to match the phone case in terms of shock resistance, scratch resistance, and touch.

Buy on Amazon: ($12.99)

4. Amazon Basics Vault Case for Nintendo Switch

I love Amazon Basics products as they are not only high quality but also quite cheap compared to the competition. The Amazon Basics Vault Case for Nintendo Switch is a durable, hard-shell Nintendo Switch designed to protect your console while traveling. Even though it is a compact case, the safe case offers quite a lot of storage space. The case easily stores a Nintendo Switch, along with Joy-Cons and eight game cartridges.

The best Nintendo Switch Protective Case features a double-layer design with a hard outer layer to protect against drops and a soft inner layer to protect against scratches. I also like the sleek black color which gives it an unobtrusive look. The case easily fits in your backpack so you can take your Switch with you everywhere.


  • Durable hard case to protect your Nintendo Switch
  • Store 1 Switch with Joy-Con controllers and 8 Switch game cartridges neatly
  • Ideal for carrying, organizing, and protecting your switch
  • Two-layer fabric with a molded outer shell for a slim profile and optimal strength
  • Smooth black color; Backed by an Amazon Basics 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Notes: Only works with regular Nintendo Switch model, not compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED model.

Buy on Amazon: ($21.80)

5. Butterfox Nintendo Switch Travel Case

This is another great travel case for your Nintendo Switch. It has a semi-rigid outer shell that absorbs shock waves well. The inside is lined with soft fabric material to prevent scratches. The case also features a large zippered mesh pocket that provides secure storage for accessories such as a charging cable, slim power bank, earbuds, and additional Joy-Cons.

It also has built-in storage for game cards and SD cards. Added soft flaps to protect the Switch’s screen from scratches. The best thing about this best Nintendo Switch Protective Case is that while it offers so much functionality, it is very inexpensive. As such, this offers good value for money.


  • Compact Model: BF725 – 4th Edition ButterFox Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch. HARD & DURABLE: Durable hard shell protects Nintendo Switch from drops and scratches. The four square notches allow your switch to sit flat in the case. Important note: This case fits the charger.
  • LARGE STORAGE SPACE: With 18 built-in game card storage holders, you can take your favorite games with you on the go. A zippered mesh pocket holds small Switch accessories like charging cables, earbuds, SD cards, and extra Joy-Cons
  • EXCELLENT PROTECTION: Our control cabinets are always made of high-quality materials. They provide excellent protection for your Switch. The outer hard shell protects the machine from falls. Two soft center dividers protect the screen from scratches inside the case. They also prevent the analog sticks from being shoved into the case.
  • GREAT PORTABILITY: This case is big on the inside but small on the outside. Holds a lot but remains compact for excellent portability.
  • Switch console, games, and accessories are not included!
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Buy on Amazon: ($12.99)

6. Zadii hard case for Nintendo Switch

If you enjoy traveling with your entire Nintendo Switch along with the dock and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, the Zadii hard case is what you’re looking for. The case is compact, although it can hold everything I just mentioned. What I like best about this case is that it has separate cutouts for the Switch, Dock, Pro Controller, and Joy-Cons.

They use a high-quality foam material for the compartments so all your belongings are safe no matter how badly you treat the case. There are also separate compartments for storing all cables and game cartridges. If you can’t go anywhere without your beloved Switch and its peripherals, this is for you.


  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED Model 2021: Hold the Nintendo Switch system (Switch Console, Dock, Power Adapter, Joy-Con Grip also with additional Joy-Con, Joy-Con strap, and HDMI cable) and additional Switch Pro controller fixed 21 game cards and other small accessories.
  • High-quality pre-cut foam protects the entire Switch system and pro controller well, the case’s hard shell prevents damage from drops, and the foam is snug to keep your stuff from sliding around in the case.
  • Plenty of filling in the case to prevent your switch set from moving, protect it in good condition.
  • The mesh pocket expands the space for storing HDMI cables and other accessories, keeping them organized and secure.
  • Comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and a non-slip handle to easily carry your entire Swiset set when traveling.

Buy on Amazon: ($33.99)

7. JETech Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

While I love Nintendo Switch carrying cases, they only protect the Switch when it’s in the box. But what about the times you need the protection, namely when gaming? Well, in those cases, this JETech protective case comes in handy. The case is made of premium flexible TPU material, which can easily protect your Switch from normal falls and falls.

The best thing about this best Nintendo Switch Protective Case is that you can access all ports, controls, and features without having to remove them. The body is also quite slim, so it doesn’t add any noticeable bulk to the device. As far as cases go, this is one of the best you can get.


  • Specially designed for Nintendo Switch 2017
  • Constructed of flexible TPU to provide full protection all around the device and protect your device from daily bumps, scratches, dust, and fingerprints
  • An ergonomic case offers you a comfortable experience and an easy grip
  • Access all controls and features without removing your Nintendo Switch from the case
  • Super tough and easy to carry; JETech Customer Service

Buy on Amazon: ($16.99)

8. Orzly Tote Bag

Judging by the design, Orzly is a modern-looking carrying case for your Nintendo Switch. The case has a tough EVA exterior to withstand impacts. The interior is made of soft material to prevent scratches. Thanks to the robust construction, the best Nintendo Switch Protective Case offers 360° shielding for your game console.

Protection aside, it fits comfortably on the Nintendo Switch when both Joy-Con controllers are attached. And with a separate inner pocket, you can store extra Joy-Cons and cables. The Orzly Nintendo Switch carrying case costs $12.31 and comes in nine colorways.


  • Designed to make your new Nintendo Switch OLED console even more portable and travel-friendly
  • Fits the Nintendo Switch OLED console with both Joy-Con controllers attached, and the top section has a separate inner pocket that can hold extra JoyCons, cables, games, and other smaller but essential accessories. (Note: This is not suitable for larger items such as the dock or pro controller.)
  • The hard yellow EVA shell protects your device while the soft inner material protects your device from scratches
  • Perfect Switch OLED Carrying Case to securely store your Nintendo Switch when traveling or not in use
  • Specially designed for Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED console. For our full range of Nintendo Switch accessories, search “ORZLY SWITCH” in the Amazon search bar (above).
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Buy from Amazon: ($12.31)

9. Silicone Teyomi protective case

If you’re looking for a good-looking best Nintendo Switch Protective Case that wraps well around the Nintendo Switch, this offering from Teyomi might be a better choice. Made of soft silicone material, the case fits perfectly around the Switch. And with the ergonomic form factor, it’s a little easier to hold the game console. In addition, there are several storage compartments to keep your playing cards safe.

As protection, Teyomi can withstand impacts and also prevents scratches from spoiling the console’s appearance. For added protection against wear and tear, the company also offers a premium tempered glass screen protector. Given these salient features, Teyomi seems quite cheap at $15.99.


  • It’s not only a silicone case for Nintendo Switch, we also offer a tempered glass screen protector as a gift; It offers all-round protection for our Nintendo Switch, from the screen to the game console case
  • This high-quality silicone material is softer than TPU and makes our hands feel more comfortable when gaming. It can protect the Nintendo Switch from dust, scratches, and bumps and extend the life of the gaming machine’s body
  • Our switch case is easy to grip with an ergonomic design and it is very easy to install and remove your Nintendo Switch
  • Don’t worry about losing your game cartridge, you can put it in our cartridge slot
  • 1 x Nintendo Switch Case + 1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

Buy on Amazon: ($15.99)

10. FYOUNG Protective cover

In terms of both protection and style, FYOUNG’s dockable case looked impressive. The case has a clean profile to allow the gaming console to show its profile in all its glory. Thanks to the split design, you don’t have to remove the case to remove the Joy-Con, which is a big plus from a flexibility perspective. The anti-shock bumper can also counteract the effects of falls.

The neat cutouts ensure you have easy access to all ports and buttons on your gaming console. Like Teyomi, it also comes with a tempered glass screen protector to protect the touchscreen from scratches. Overall, YOUNG is one of the best Nintendo Switch cases out there right now.


  • No Removal and Docking Required – The release buttons are very easy to reach, making it easy to remove the controller sticks after attaching them to the console. The device fits into the dock with the case. With the split-type design, you don’t need to detach the case to take off the controller.
  • Crystal clear and good touch feeling – Slim and light. Easy to hold by hand. It will be very convenient. You don’t have to worry about it being easy to get dusty and dirty like the silicone case. Fingerprints on the case can be wiped or smoothed out with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Super Safe and Easy to Install – It can protect your console in case you drop it. We offer front cases so that your controller is better protected. All cutouts are easily accessible for all ports and buttons. Shockproof and anti-shock bumper, it provides excellent protection for the console from drops, falls, and dust.

Buy on Amazon: ($16.99)

The Best Nintendo Switch Protective Cases And Covers You Can Buy

Nintendo Switch is an excellent device, but it’s also a fragile device. I know this because we broke one in our office within a week of purchasing it. So take it from me when I say you need a case for your Switch. Whether you buy the best Nintendo Switch Protective Case or travel case (I recommend buying one of each), cases will help extend the life of your Switch. You don’t want to break it, especially with so many cool Nintendo Switch games coming out. Check out the list and let us know your favourites in the comments section below.

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