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Are Wooden Phone Cases Any Good?

December 6, 2023

Are wooden phone cases any good? After purchasing a new phone, selecting a phone case is my most exciting purchase. I build my Wood phone cases. Thus the solution is obvious to me. But for anyone else, choosing what to buy might call for more thought. What are the benefits and drawbacks of wood phone cases? This is the subject I set out to address in this essay.

One significant benefit and one drawback, namely look vs. price, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of wood cases. The visual appeal of wooden phone cases is their main advantage. The best designer is by far Mother Nature. Unique and one-of-a-kind items typically have a higher price tag, though.

I can offer a few things to help you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of owning a wood phone cover because I’ve owned one for many years and created wooden cases for our retail store.

Why Use Wood For Phone Cases – Are Wooden Phone Cases Any Good?

Did you realize that buying plastic ones could be worse for the environment and your health? This was one of the factors that inspired us to start producing wooden phone cases because they are entirely safe, recyclable, one-of-a-kind, sustainable, and, besides all that, they let you connect with nature.


Organic design is distinctive and exceptional. Wood grain patterns vary from piece to piece. Wooden cases are constructed from a slice of a tree unmatched by another section of that tree, unlike mass-produced plastic and substitute cases. The natural qualities and configuration are preserved, much like a fingerprint. As a result, this is the first time anyone else can possess a wooden phone cover similar to your chosen one.


The fact that I don’t have to worry about dents or scratches is what I appreciate most about my phone case. If and when they do, it makes me even more grateful for the phone since it adds personality in a way that no claim made of synthetic materials can. The damage is evident if a plastic phone case is scratched, cracked, or chipped. Wood, however, acquires an antique appearance after it has weathered. The majority of organic materials, including leather, follow this pattern. It still has aesthetic appeal.

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My Wood phone case is the most talked-about I’ve ever owned. People who see it for the first time always comment on it, whether I set it down at the dinner table or take it out to check my newsfeed. After using adjectives like “wonderful” and “cool,” ask the maker where they got it from and how it was manufactured. I take great pleasure in expressing that I made it for that reason.

From the Big Island, wood is skillfully carved into thin veneers in Japan after being gathered sustainably. To maintain the integrity of the wood and prevent warping or tears, these veneers feature a thick paper backing. Before being attached to the rear of the phone cover shell, these veneers are trimmed to size and laser-etched with distinctive designs. The image on the right shows the veneer and phone cover shell as examples.


These days, many of us make decisions that are in our environment’s best interests. The fact that wood is a renewable resource is one of the best things about buying a phone case made of it. As a result, it partially eliminates the requirement for synthetic materials and inks to be manufactured commercially. Additionally, some manufacturers and sellers of wood goods frequently include a give-back element in the price of their wood goods. Here at the Wood Ranch, the money made from selling our wood goods directly supports our work to conserve forests. It aids in financing protection, planting, and removing invasive plant species. Customers like you help our forest flourish.


I enjoy my cover because it is thin and quickly goes into my pockets. This is significant because some other phone covers have a surface that can grab onto things on the outside, rubbing against the fabric of my bags. This makes it difficult to quickly reach the phone when it rings, or I receive a text. The shell and wood I use perfectly complement one another to give me a comfortable grip that prevents it from slipping from my hands, but there is no resistance when I slide it into my pocket.

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Commodity phone cases often need to allow for personalization. However, some manufacturers can offer several diverse patterns since certain wooden phone cases are created utilizing laser-cutting technology. They occasionally offer the option of custom design. An example of a unique design I made for a coworker who had a soft spot for this Japanese character wearing a kimono is shown in the photo to the right.


The world around us is artificial. I’m typing on a keyboard while experiencing a virtual reality while staring at a screen. My clothing is made of lycra and synthetic materials, and I can hear my electronic Roomba sweeping the floor in the distance. Like everyone else, I find the modern world to be fantastic. In reality, I would only be able to write this essay with the phone and the necessity for its cover. I also enjoy being reminded of the unique creations made by nature. It keeps me grounded and connected to nature, nourishing my soul.


Wood emits much less carbon than other materials. When trees are healthy and thriving, they remove carbon monoxide from the atmosphere and leave behind pure, filtered air for all of us to enjoy. However, the production of plastic releases carbon into the atmosphere and a wide range of other chemical substances that are bad for the ozone layer, human health, and animals.

That’s not all, either. Plastic is awful for the environment since it takes years to break down, but wood is biodegradable; therefore, when plastic phone cases break or get damaged, people typically dump them in the trash. By making such small changes to their technological lifestyle, young people today are becoming more environmentally conscious and heading in that direction.

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According to research, increased wood use provides quantifiable advantages for both physical and mental health. We now understand that in environments with natural materials like wood, people are happier and more relaxed, students learn better, patients heal faster, and workers are less stressed and more productive.


There is no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a phone case that is only made of colored plastic and that five of your friends also own. All hardwood phone cases are relatively inexpensive and offer the necessary protection for daily usage.


Your phone cover should express who you are, and we’re pretty sure that’s not boring. We frequently hear from our clients that they received praise on their hardwood phone cases during the first day of using them since they stand out from the crowd.

Conclusion – Are Wooden Phone Cases Any Good?

There is a solid argument to be made in favor of obtaining a hardwood phone case and forking over the extra money, even if the price will be a significant consideration when selecting the best phone cover for you. When weighing advantages and disadvantages, it is evident to me that hardwood cases offer three qualities that no other alternative can match: beauty, originality, and an unrivaled eco component.

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